I am currently playing on a epiphone les paul standard and a fender frontman amp. I am looking to upgrade on or another. The guitar I am looking at is the prs se semi hollow body and the amp is the Marshall MG100HCFX 100W Head with MG412CF 4x12 Cab. The prs is about $729 and the amp is $599. I play a lot of Dead/Allman/60's rock so i need something with a nice clean and crunchy sound. As i said i can only do one and don't know which way to go.
New amp, without question. There's nothing really wrong with the guitar you already have and your current amp is trash.

But for the love of god please don't get a Marshall MG stack. Those amps are insultingly awful. They're just like the rest of the other equally terrible MG's, just louder, more expensive and a bigger waste of floor space.

Get at least a DSL if you want a Marshall badge. But I'd rather consider other brands like Peavey, Jet City, Fender's Deluxe amps. Really depends on what is tonally more important to you.
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Yeah stay away from the Marshall MG series as they are proper turds Marshall should be ashamed to have their name on them they should have rebadged them under a different name Like MG or Magnum by Marshall.

+1 for Peavey, Jet City, or a Deluxe Fender

As Blue said nothing wrong with your Epi Standard sink your money into a new amp but do some research first and avoid the MG series or Line 6 Spyder series.
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+1 For the Jetcity!

They offer a great 2x12 cab that have emenance speakers that resemble Celestion V30's. Not quite the same but they sound amazing for getting a cab with 2x12" under 350$. Combo'd with one of their heads and you have a ton of room to grow. It's nutty loud and has some great tones. Not the most versitile amps but you get a tone of bank for your buck.

50w head (I have the older version of this) 500$

cab 370$ with celestions, cheaper with emenance

Not a jetcity rep I swear... I just really love how much this gear rocks for the price.
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Upgrade the amp for sure.

Assuming your budget is $600-$750 - if you give us your general location - country/nearest large city we can make some more specific recommendations with what would be available, also are you willing to buy used, because with your budget you could get a really good amp on the used market.
Yeah, go for a new Amp, although not the MG
The jet citys are not a bad choice, but I would say that they a bit too high gain for what you want. I would recommend you a Peavey Classic 30, fantastic cleans and a really nice classic rock crunch.
Amp, but Not an Mg.
If you want a Marshallesque sound, a DSL (as toodeepblue mentioned) would be a good call on the affordable side. Maybe consider a Peavey Classic 30 or 50.