Somehow I think the intro guitar & intro vocals are occupying the same audio space (mostly EQ-wise). Any chance in having less distortion/gain on the intro guitar? After that, I think the audio quality is pretty good for the first 3 minutes. I think the singing is good. At around 3:25, with the stop/starts, they sound unnaturally dry. It sounds like you're turning the master volume to zilch every time. If that is done to cover-up some not-so-precise timing, I would add a touch of reverb and/or delay so it sounds more natural. Otherwise I think the song sounds pretty good. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks for the feedback! There's definitely some bass in the song, but I might have mixed it too low, since my room is a concrete cube without any proper acoustic treatment, so I mostly rely on my not-so-good headphones.

The song is good, I really dig the vocals and the "raw" production style. That being said, the crash sounds a bit too loud for my taste. As for the snare, it sounds a bit "boxy", I don't know how else to put it. Definitely not ruining the mix, but it could be improved just a tiny bit. And like Aaron said, the ending could use some reverb/delay, sounds way too dry as it is now.
Hey, thanks for your crit on my track!

First off, great track.

The snare rolls in the center of the track are a little loud and overpowering in my opinion. In fact, all of the drums are a bit too loud in relation to the mix. Maybe a little reverb on the drums would help them sit in the a bit better...they feel very close.

I feel like there may be some volume discrepancies across the track, because the verse almost sounds louder than the chorus. Maybe that's compression, or maybe that's just my ears playing tricks on me.

Agreeing with GuitarManiac110, I think the snare is a bit boxy too. My personal taste is for a less-bassy snare that really pops through the mix. In contrast, the bass drum seems very quiet. Perhaps a bit more low-end on the bass kick and the bass guitar wouldn't be half bad.

Great track though, loving the singing and the feel. Digging it!!!
You have a great singer. I also like the guitar riff.

For the drums, I think the tone could be improved to better suit the song. It is a bit repetitive, too complex and a bit too heavy in the clean parts.

This song is very musical and has a lot of potential. Great work!
Hey thanks for the crit. I've also replied to your comment on that. Sorry for the delay.

The feel of the song starts out American but at times further in reminds me of more English type band sounds. The singer is good. The shouty bits reminded me of the Go-Gos for some reason. The drums are the only area I would say need a look at. I'm no audio engineer but it's something to do with their mixing. That and vocal post production is where the expense goes usually though when one pays for studio time.
I presume the guitars are your responsibility and I liked them a lot. The ending was a nice choice.

Would be interested to hear what else you guys make
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