Lately I've been working to improve my metal rhythm chops (downpicking, tremolo picking, gallops, etc.) and I can't keep up a steady daily routine of practicing/playing due to this weird tingling sensation in the fleshy part of the hand which I use to mute the strings at the bridge (doesn't matter if it's a nylon-string, Schecter TonePros or Ibanez Edge Zero II bridge).

My practice routine is as follows: I do a straight 1 minute of various ways of playing the low E string at 40 bpm (downpicking, tremolo, triplets, gallops). Ideally, it takes around 20 minutes, but I don't start playing a new pattern until I've played a perfect 1 minute of the current pattern so sometimes it can take a bit longer. Between these 1 minute sequences I take some time to rest my picking hand (around 30 seconds to a minute). Also, I'm a rather heavy-handed picker.

I've become aware of this issue some time ago and have since tried to adjust my palm-muting technique (i.e. applying as little pressure to the strings as possible while resting my hand on the bridge), but I haven't solved this problem.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or useful advice? Should I lighten up with the pick attack, at least until I get to the point where I can keep a steady routine without any injuries, or is it something else?
It's clearly some form of slight nerve irritation. I suspect you may aggravated the radial nerve around the elbow (if you hand is flat on the table, then that nerve passes through near the bony bit of the elbow on top of your forearm . Suggest you get checked out, and soon. You may need some physio and/or rest.

DO NOT ignore this, else you will seriously regret it and could end up not being to play for months, literally.

I don't think the problem comes from resting your palm ... I'd guess it comes from trying to pick too hard with the wrist, with exagerrated movement (check around your elbow for activity). Try as little picking force as possible.

Best of luck, sincerely (I've had horrendous nerve damage in arms, and that caused me huge problems that took a long long time to get over)
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