Hey all,
One of my favorite songs I've recorded. Been working on this for a year now.
It's a pop-rock song with a bit of a metal edge. Recorded using Cubase and StudioDrummer along with real guitar/bass instrumentation. Verse vocals recorded with Shure SM7b. Chorus vocals/crescendo vocals recorded with Audio-Technica AT2035.

Let me know what you think! C4C.

The reason for the microphone switch is because I wrote the chorus in 2015, but I had sold the AT2035 by the time I got around to writing/recording the verse.
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Audio quality is quite good for the first 2+ minutes. Singing is very good, so are the melodies. Some of the melodies sound somehow familiar to me. I wonder if I've heard this before. The drums & all the instrumental playing are well done. Around 2:45 it is a too bass-y for my taste; that's my only significant gripe. Otherwise, I think it is radio worthy. Please review my music at this link:

Hey man, great song!

I like the beggining, very pop punk, it sounds like good blink 182,

Love the sound of the doubled guitars when the distortion kicks in. Could you leave to soft riff in there, though? Maybe much quieter? It seems like it would still fit

The vocals remind me of barenaked ladies a bit at the start. It's refreshing to hear that style of singing in this style of music

Maybe a delay on the clean guitar at around 0.58, 1.10?

Vocal harmonies are clever and well placed, not overdone, just punchy enough.

Could the guitar punches at 1.56 to 2.05 be a bit more present? Maybe tag the drums along to really make the song really stutter (in a good way)

Maybe it's my headphones but where's the bass guitar? Having a big bass really helps making the guitar sound huge for distorted parts.

Great, catchy song!

Really liking the mix of metal/pop/rock. Quality is good, so is the playing. But I'd like to hear that kick drum get some tightness, now it sounds kinda flabby and boomy. Also, you might want to turn up the vocals just a tiiiiiny bit.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1710497
Thanks for the critiques guys, I think I honored them all with your links provided. Break a leg!

Bass is definitely a issue. Part of the bass was real and part was VST...the VST got lost in the mix, ugh. I'll assess.
As for kick drum, I completely agree. Thanks!
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