Hey I have a friends who is looking at buying this guitar, I said I feel something about the headstock feels off but not sure. Its being sold as a American tele neck, american bridge, gibson pickups from a flying V and a mexican jazzmaster body.

Think its the real deal? I couldnt find any similar photos anywhere.

If they are claiming it is an American Tele neck, Gibson pickups and a Mexican JM body which of these are you trying to authenticate? It's obviously a parts guitar that someone has put together everything might be legit but it's hard to tell from the picture.

It may be a gem can you play it first or is it an internet buy? If it is the latter then what kind of return policy does the sellar have? Parts guitars aren't necessarily bad like I said it could be a gem but it could be a turd with a fake neck and crappy pickups, if it is an internet buy then it seems risky at best.

And remember parts guitars won't have a high resale value on the used market something to consider when buying or selling them.
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And if it is a Tele neck, the neck pocket may have been modified, as Jazzy necks are rounded (where Tele's are squared off). It's a partsmaster, and a weird one at that.
Individually all those claims are plausible, but they're also all quite difficult to verify without knowing what models each part is meant to be from. As noted, if it's a Tele neck, either the neck heel or the pocket is probably modified. Further thoughts of mine are that I don't know of an American model with the adjustomatic bridge, if that's what it is, but it's entirely possible that there is one, and that the headstock seems not necessarily suspect but unusual. The black logo and two string trees are features I'd generally associate with CBS instruments and I'm not sure I know of either existing on a modern US model but I could be entirely wrong.
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