Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of metalcore/post hardcore but my friend doesn't like the screaming. He loves the heaviness of it, especially the breakdowns so I was wondering if anyone has some high quality instrumentals similar to this:

I've looked up like Avaneged Sevedold, Bullet for my Valentine, etc but he loves the heaviness of that example song. Also there's another fit for a king song which is just as good, but anyway, has anyone got some suggestions? Thanks!
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Just forget that metalcore exists and have your friend listen to Blotted Science.
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To be honest, in my 14 years of listening to that type of music, I can't name a single band that does it instrumental or a band that only sings. You could try "Eighteen Visions" and their self titles album, but honestly, it was their last release, they broke up afterwards, and the album was a complete turn off compared to all their earlier material. You could also try the newest "Bring Me the Horizon" album, I can't remember the name but I remember it being quite tame in the screaming department.

Let me know if those ideas work for you.
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