Very good song! Very epic

The intro just long enough to not get boring but start the buildup.

Could the percussions could be louder in the heavy bits?

Where's the bass? The inception sound or heavy deep horns would be cool or baritone voices Might just be my shitty speakers though

Epic music often works with the dynamics of rhythm or the off beat or point counterpoints. Yours is very good but straightforward. Having some off beat cues might add to the epicness

Love the buildups. Doesn't get boring and I like that it's not 15 minutes long. Makes it very listenable.

Send it to blizzard

Incidentally ubisoft has a record label now. Could be interesting to check out, maybe one day they'll be looking for work

Thanks for the crit on my track!
Wow, first of all I love the fact that we have orchestration on Ultimate-Guitar. This forum really does have it all, and that's a good thing!

I think I'd agree with flexiblemile about the volume of the percussion. Louder percussion, especially at the powerful ending, would really bring this into truly epic territory. I'm getting different experiences using headphones and monitors. The headphones seem to bring out the percussion more, but they're very quiet in the mix using my monitors.

With that said, this really has a great feel and brings about some awesome suspense and energy before the final crescendo.

I couldn't help but feel there needs to be one more layer of instrumentation, whether that's strings or otherwise. Just something to create another harmony along with the ending crescendo. Something in the higher register perhaps, just to give the melody a bit more brightness.

Great work though!!! I've definitely never tried something like this.
This is a great song!

I agree with the comments above that this is very epic.

My only question is how did you write and record this? This is amazing and I'd love to learn.
Quote by yulinzm
This is a great song!

I agree with the comments above that this is very epic.

My only question is how did you write and record this? This is amazing and I'd love to learn.

Thanks, man!

My way of writing is this: I hear something in my head (sometimes just a melody, sometimes a whole song) and I try my best to bring it out to the real world. With this one, I heard the main melody, so I started with that. I knew I wanted to hear it again at some point, so I also put it in the buildup section, this time it was only played by tuba and supported by a cello section. The rest I just added along the way. Basically I record a rough sketch and then start fine-tuning it, adding layers and different instruments, this applies to all kinds of songs I write, not just the orchestral stuff. Every section in the song has to serve it, I try to trust my instincts and just go for it!

Now how I recorded this? I don't know how much you know about recording, but I assume that it's little so I cover all the basics.

I recorded this in my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), in my case, Cubase 8.5 Pro. I used different sample packs, mainly Albion One (the orchestra) to create the piece. I just loaded up my instruments and started playing with my keyboard, then I mixed and mastered the track. There's a lot more to this, but I'm afraid it's a bit too much to cover in one simple forum post. Here's a link to a helpful video series:
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cool track man, very epic and dark. My favorite part was at 1:42 when the chorus sounding part comes it, gives it a dark atmosphere.
what did you use for those btw?
Massive right out of the gates, and great dynamic command with the drop off around :30, great move as far as the song structure is concerned. The structure of this track overall is strong and really shows you have a grasp for what you're trying to accomplish. I think my biggest tip would be to just keep pumping these out. You say this is your third, imagine what your 10th will sound like! I do think my favorite part is the texture of the beginning. Its fantastic for setting the scene. The epic male vocal synth is slyly low in the mix here but it's adding just the right amount of flavor for this point in the song. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks, dude! Yeah, I've actually done a lot more after I composed this one,, just have to mix and release them. I've been getting mostly positive feedback and good tips on how to make these things sound better...one guy at Steinberg forums totally destroyed me, though, but hey, live and learn... I'll check your piece as soon as possible!

enloartworks: Thanks! With this track I think I used four libraries:

1.Spitfire Albion One for orchestra+some percussion elements
2.Soundiron Apocalypse Elements for main percussion
3.Soundiron Olumpys Elements for choirs
4. QL Symphonic Orchestra Silver for Timpani hits
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Hey, thanks for the crit! (and sorry for the late crit.)

Really epic beginning! And that "breakdown" at 0:30 was a good move. Keeps me interested for whats coming next.
The part at 1:42 is awesome. This sound really professional man. I agree with flexiblemile, send it to Blizzard!
hey man thanks for the crit, I'm not usually this late in returning...

Well that was epic. I don't know what else to say but it sounded as good as anything I can think of. It's got variation, memorable motifs and builds to a great ending. I wouldn't even know where to start with making something like that. Good job
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This sounds really cool! It reminds me of something you'd hear in an adventure game, like during an escape. I think the mix is very balanced as for as the strings and voices. I thin the percussion could be louder though, especially near the end when the tension is building and building. Other than that, everything sounds very realistic. Nice composition
I feel like I'm watching Lord of The Rings. This is a fantastic track that really has that low boil brooding feel. Something bad is happening. I can see in my minds eye a movie scene happening. You did a fantastic job composing this, not many people have the skill to compose a song with such intensity so well. I applaud you for a job well done sir!

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