So it's been a struggle to come to terms with it, but I have to admit, I've been very lazy with guitar playing, beginning 4 years ago when I began seriously pursuing the tuba as my main instrument through university. Having tried recently to play more technical songs (that a few years ago, I would have no issues with), I found that my guitar playing is pretty sloppy, especially with fretting accuracy and finger dexterity.

I've been stuck in a rut mainly playing chords/very simple riffs of late and recently trying to learn some old Fall of Troy and new Dance Gavin Dance tunes has made me realise that not only are my basics very ropey, but technical skills are seriously lacking. My theory is sound, but physically, my playing is not where it used to be.

I'd like to get back in some kind of shape - any recommendations on where to start for improving accuracy, speed and stamina?

Many thanks guys!