I just picked up an Epi sg 400. I like My diaddario pad lock straps, but this thing is so damn neck heavy it slides down constantly.Does anyone make a non-slip pad I can attach to my strap? I really don't wanna get leather straps & put strap locks on them.
Probably better to concentrate on solving the neck-heavy problem, since a non-slip pad is just going to start pulling your shirt up in the back!

I really don't like SGs for a lot of reasons (they push your fretting hand over to the left compared to other guitars, etc.), but I've had to solve the neck-heavy problem for friends who are determined to own them. One quick fix is to put some fishing weights in a small bag and tie it to the bottom of your strap where it meets the strap button. You'll figure out fairly quickly how much weight you need back there. We've also modified the SGs themselves by routing a small cavity at the bottom of the guitar and using some epoxy to put those weights INSIDE the guitar. Then you just put a cover (like the one on your control cavity) over them and it looks like a stock item. In some cases, we've even unscrewed the bottom strap button, drilled a hole into the guitar into which we've put some tungsten pellets (plus epoxy) and then fashioned a piece of mahogany dowel to glue into the hole (and then screwed the strap button into the dowel and done some minor touch-up to match the existing finish).
Hike that strap up till the guitar is under your armpit. Maybe a rawhide strap though for real.
Yeah I realized about the shirt pulling after I posted. I'll have to give the weights a go. I picked it up real cheap as a stand in for my Roadstar II, while I'm refretting & modding it.
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