In my boss br-800 digital recorded, i can get different bass tones using the effects in the recorder. there's two basic sounds i use, one called 'tight bass' and the other called 'loose bass'. to my ears, loose bass sounds like van halen's 'for unlawful carnal knowledge' album as compared the tighter sounding 'balance' album. how do you achieve these two sounds? is it from the amp? pedals? pickups?
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In the amp. I have a Traynor YBA 200-2 - tube amp. I also have a GK 1001 RB-II - solid state. With the amps set to run clean, I can eq the GK to sound like the Traynor, tonewise. However, the GK is much more articulate and that's something I can't dial out at the amp. It would seem to me that your Boss is emulating tubes and ss.
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If you wish to tighten up your bass tones, then your best bet is a good compressor. As for loosening them up, well; avoid any compression at all and manipulate the "looseness" with your playing finger technique.

People will refer to the "sag" that one often gets with certain tube amplifiers, but this is not as pronounced with the bass as it is with electric guitars. As a compressor is the "go to" bass effect, then I really would start there. It can definitely tighten up your sound; particularly if you set the "Attack" to engage immediately and the "Decay" to kick in almost immediately. It clearly works for Billy Sheehan.
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I have to agree on the compressor requirement. Any slap player you hear is most likely using a compressor; its the only way to get that tight rhythmic sound with consistent volume.