Hey guys
Who are we? A Rock band from the UK
Influenced by a lot of different bands/artists that span many genres. Our sound is a mixture of influences. Would be simpler to pin down influences on particular songs than an overall influence.
Do we have songs/albums? Yes
All Paths Divide - https://soundcloud.com/fallingnine/sets/all-paths-divide (Quicksand received radio play here in the UK)
Sound Machine - https://soundcloud.com/fallingnine/sets/sound-machine (More of a Rock album than APD, more consistent in genre)
Sustain & Release - https://soundcloud.com/fallingnine/sets/sustain-release (4 track EP that follows on from SM but heavier)
Atonement - https://soundcloud.com/fallingnine/sets/atonement (currently releasing it song by song, so far up to 4 songs, more of a stripped back acoustic/pop record)

Thought I would edit this post and give you a bit more specific information than just, here is a link to our songs with no reference!

Hope you enjoy
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Very nice...I've been going through this forum listening to people's tunes. I like yours the best - nice job!