catapult rex
some great riffs in there I'd exploit 16-40s a bit more throwing some guitar leads the last 2 times you played it would sound great the transition to the riff sounds great and it's a cool riff. from 1:00 to 2:23 you have a nice build up going that climaxes with that other riff but here I feel like you should shorten it a bit maybe this is just my personal preference but I don't like to hear the same thing for more than 40-45 seconds, even though you do introduce new elements so It doesn't really get boring, but still I wanted to hear that riff again and you made me wait a little too long.
overall you have some really cool lines you got there. good job
Hey, dude! Thanks for the comment on my track!

Groovy stuff=instant like. Loving those funky guitars! I'd like to hear a bit of reverb on the snare on both songs, but that's my personal preference, it works well as it is. The lead guitar tone could also be a bit smoother on Catapult Rex. Out of the two, I prefer St. Annu as I'm a sucker for those slow melodies. Overall, quality stuff!
Legit tracks man, you composed each one? Enjoyed both alot and that Catapult Rex had me groovin haha!

All in all I'd suggest throwing these out on youtube or somewhere as backing tracks, I know people would enjoy playing over these!

Hey, thanks for the crit and sorry for the late crit. Thought my thread was dead, so haven't checked it out lately.
Now, to your songs:

Catapult Rex
Oh, nice opening riff! Really groovy!
I like the overal feeling of this song, realy cool and keeps my head nodding Cool breakdown at 3:00. You should have put that opening for it self riff somewhere else in the song, a breakdown or something. Like the variations throughout the song, keeps it from getting repetive.

St. Annu
Nice and groovy guitar in the beginning. Not a big fan of the guitar that starts at 0:14. The melody was cool but the tone wasn't my favorite. Maybe a bit reverb to put it back in the mix and make it a bit more twangy? Love the part at 1:08! Really cool. The transition at 1:44 was a bit odd to me. As I said earlier, I like the main melody of this song. I get stuck in your head, which is a good thing . Nice part at 2:04, but I think you could have made it a even bigger climax with some bigger drums or something.

All in all, good job man! Keep it up!
Thanks for commenting on my album.

Catapult Rex is a really cool song title. Its a groovy song as well. I might add more punch to the kick drum as its a little low in the mix. good guitar riffs though with a tone that fits well for the mix, they are really clear and thats a good thing. I really think the only thing this song needs to really punch through and fell more powerful is a drum sound that is more powerful. Cool guitar solos and riffs. The production is close to being perfect, I would just say the drums need a little bit of work. Maybe try parallel compression.
Wowwww, that production is really well done! Everything so clear and you can hear all the mix. So nice funky catchy motherfucking stuff, only think you need is ripping guitar solos and good bluesy energetic singer and boom you´re famous!
Thank you for the reviews! Now your music: "Catapult": really like the audio quality & tones. Nice bass & guitar riffs! Drums are fine. I was hoping for some good vocals, but otherwise it all sounds excellent! "Hurry Up": Intro reminds me of the "Footloose" song. I hear various 50's music & 60's surf rock & Van Halen influences in this tune. Very good guitar playing! Cool tune! "St. Attune": could use some good vocals, but it still all sounds good & funky-ish. Nice guitar & bass playing! All tasty tunes!
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Catapult Rex: Awesome Herbie Hancock-ish groove going on there! The melody and cool guitar riffs keep the track fresh and interesting throughout the song. I feel like the guitar tones could use slightly more mids to pop out more!

St. Annu: Really cool vibe here, feels like a blend between 80's rock and ambient post-rock. Again, very interesting leads. Your melody work in on par!

Do you know George Stamatiadis? He's mainly a video game OST composer but he usually writes groovy rock soundtracks. I think you have a similar style!
Keep up the good work!
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Hey there!

Not my kinda music but who can resist such groovy bass lines Really well done dude! The guitars, bass and drums sound neat! St Annu is my favorite among the two! Great funky guitars going on there! You actually gave me a break from all that metal i listen to all day!! Great stuff!!

Hey man, sorry for taking so long with the C4C, I have been in trouble recently

So, Catapult Rex: pretty nice groovy song, it's not the type of music I listen to so I can't speak about the music itself, but it sounds nice, as for the sound, everything sounds pretty good and fitting for the song, no timing issues, well mixed, etc. So good job on that!

St Annu: ^ that, also good job on the guitar harmonies!
Hey man,
Just gave Catapult Rex a listen. Nice playing. I really like the main riff. It reminds a little of old Chili Peppers.The song sounds like it is written to ultimately have a lead vocalist or lead instrument take over the focal point and it never happens. I wish a tearing lead would come in - or a vocalist and we only really ever get 1 real lead around 2:50. Interesting that the song leads into something quite different by the end- I really like that the transition to the outro is very smooth and almost unnoticeable yet we end up somewhere completely unexpected. The breakdown to the arpeggiated thing is a little abrupt and feels slightly out of place. This sort of transition can sometimes be ironed out a bit by having the band break for a bar while letting the last chord of the previous section ring - like a stop to end the previous section. Enjoyed it overall.