I am looking at Gibson SG's to start playing with in my band. Are they a good purchase and which should i get? anywhere up to 2500 dollars
Yes, buy one that feels good in your hands. Tommy Iommi concurs.
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The one knock I hear on SGs is that they can be a little neck heavy, but a good guitar strap can mitigate that somewhat. (Some also counterbalance them with weights.)

Other than that, they're a classic design for a reason. Besides Iommi, Derek Trucks is another high-profile SG player, as is Angus Young.
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An SG Standard is the way to go in my opinion. Super solid guitars (if you don't drop them, that is), sound great and they are as classic as they come. With that budget, you might want to check out the Custom Shop versions as well, but in my opinion, certainly with an SG, you already get the whole deal on a Standard.
as far s the neck heavy, that is a case by case basis. i own two gibson SG's at the moment, and neither have headstock dive. but some do.

i would recommend trying it out with a strap to see if yours is.

i love my SG's.
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SGs are nice guitars. It's the usual thing- if you like them (and don't get a lemon) they're a good idea.
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I've never personally had any issues with them.The one i had back in around '04 took over my LP as my main gigging axe and it became my fav very quickly.
I would look for a used one. You might even be able to get a custom shop with your budget. Neither the 2016 or 2017 have everything I would want in an SG. I would look for a used '61 Reissue or an SG original. Another option is a used Derek Trucks model. But add '61 pickguard and switch his truss rod cover for a traditional one. My personal problems with the current SGs are mainly aesthetic and my issues might not bother you. I prefer vintage spec SGs but neither of the current Standards get it right. They're still good guitars though.