I'm after playing with VFX live, starting with an Art Tube MP preamp.

Don't want to spend loads on something That might not work out so I'm looking for some pedals to play with around the £20 mark.

Not sure where I want to start so who's got old pedals out there that they've had sat around for a while begging for a new home?

Any suggestions on effects that work well with vox would also be appreciated.

The Art Tube should give me a little overdrive if I push it and I like a bit of Mogwai so maybe some tremolo would work for that??
guitarsngear Thats a sweet bit of kit. Mic pre and DI in one. Already got my pre in the shape of an ART Tube MP but their pedal gear is clearly good for vox so a good place to start listening at pedals. Thanks for the link!

Obviously my setup won't have the advantage of being able to punch in and out that I could have with the tribute pedal.