Hi, I have a Schecter C-1 Classic, 2005 model with Jazz/neck and JB/Bridge. Love the guitar, it's my main axe for gigs, but I find that position 2 &4 are mostly unusable becuase they're so dark. With the switch, they're in parallel, using the N-N or S-S coils.... I attached the schematic. I've looked all over and can't seem to find this...any ideas on how I can mod this so I get them less muddy in those positions, not overall? I'm thinking if I can somehow change it so 2&4 are in series, with the outside coils on 2 and inside coils on 4, that might do the trick...? I've seen LP mods that do just that, but I'm not sure of how to go about it with this switch. Maybe I need to get a new switch, like a standard 5 way?

I also thought about triple shots, maybe that's a more versatile way to go, but there are almost too many combinations... I play both guitar and a midi sax/wind instrument through a laptop, so I have my hands fulll... I gotta keep things relatively simple. I'd be happy if 2&4 were useable. If I could use a 5 way switch with them, I could pick the best combinations on the triple shots then use the switch when gigging, but I haven't found anything on doing that. IDK, I guess once I found my tones it wouldn't be that hard to switch.

FWIW I do plan to either swap the magnet in the JB for an Alnico 8, or maybe just replace the pup, because the JB is just too bright and thin for my taste. So that should just make the problem on 2&4 even worse.

And while I'm asking questions, is there a way to "permanently" cut some of the low end from the neck pup when in position 1, Neck humbucker mode? I know you can add a pot or switch, but again I want to keep it simple. What would be way cooler, I guess, would be to have a way to control the low end for each switch position. Now that would be awesome. Hmmm... I may be talking myself into adding a pot.

Thanks for the help!
schecter_C1_CLASSIC schematic.pdf
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