Hey everyone,

I have not posted in a while as I have had much going on in life, but I have recently gotten back into recording. Check out this track if you have the time, and leave any comments if you like. I am happy to C4C and return feedback for you, just leave a link. Keep on keeping on! This one is in standard tuning, just a short instrumental with a couple of melodic riffs. Let me know what you think!

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Thank you for the post!!

The track was created from scratch in guitar pro 5 first, and exported as a midi. I like to compose there just to organize what is going on. The midi was loaded into a basic program called "Midi Trail" to create the visual you see.

All guitars and bass are recorded direct in using an Audio interface. Reaper is the DAW and distortions are added using VSTs. The drums are midi, done using Superior Drummer.

I'll check out one of your tracks too \m/
supralightning Appreciate it man, that's awesome I'll have to check it out lol. I've heard good things of Reaper, I'm currently using Mixcraft but may try out Reaper soon I just hate trying to re-learn the software lol.