So I have an Agile Pendulum Pro 72527 and the scale goes from 27" on the low end to 25.5 on the high end. It came pre-strung so I don't know what gauge strings were on it originally, but a few months after getting it I decided to restring it. I used like 12-62s or some shit (cause I'm a jack ass) which were way too thick and ended up bending the neck. A friend adjusted the truss rod, managed to fix it, and restrung it with 59-10s or 11s and its currently well intonated. Now I'm long overdue for another string change and I'm wondering if I should stick with about the same gauge my friend put on or find some set(s) of strings that would fit the multiscale better. I have some 11-60s that I was thinking about restringing it with but I'm too worried about warping the neck again. Just want to hear some opinions on what you guys think would fit best without ruining the tension/intonation. Btw I'm currently in drop A standard (AEADGBE)