Hello, I'm about to replace my crappy Behringer iaxe 629 with a new guitar (second hand).
Considering that i have an pretty old Cajavec GA-50 (30-40+ years (Solid state, no modeling whatsoever)) and an Boss ME-20
I've got a few offers, one is an Jackson King V with EMG's 81 and 85 for 250 Euros, The guitar looks very nice with a confederate flag over it. There is only one problem, I've been reading and saw both good and bad answers when it comes to Actives and Solid states, so i'm a bit sceptic whether i should get it or not (I dont have a chance to test it considering i'm buying it second hand over the internet). I will however upgrade the rest of my gear in the future but it will take some time considering my money progression isnt the best but i find it a bit risky considering im in an active hard rock band and dont wanna end up with a crappy tone. Here is the picture of it .
If this guitar is considered not be risked about, there are two more options, 1st is: Ibanez RG370DX with a Dimarzio DP155BK Bridge pup (280 Euros) and 2nd is: Ibanez RG470FM (270 Euros). Both are aswell second hand over the net so i cannot test them over my rig.
The reason im buying second hand gear is because there is not a single guitar shop or a music shop (except for a crappy one which sells 100 € copies of fenders) in a radius of 200 KM while im also not having a car and as well because its cheaper.
Suggestions and tips would be very appreciated.
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There's no issue vis a vis EMGs and solid state amps. I've got an even older solid state amp (1971 Carvin, 275W head with a pair of 15" Altecs and a mids/high horn). The GA-50 is only amplifying whatever your BOSS ME-20 is sending it, and there's certainly no issue between the EMGs and the BOSS unit.

What you want to be concerned about is if you like what the EMGs put out, period. If so, you're good to go.

One other thing; That motif was not ever the Confederate flag, and that's a mistake a lot of people make.
It's actually the battle flag of the Army of North Virginia.
The battle flag became a *part* of the flag of the Confederacy (it was a square section, like the "stars" on the US flag, with a much larger white background and a red vertical bar (on the third flag of the Confederacy) by around 1865:

It was only well after the civil war that some folks started using just the battle flag itself as a symbol of the confederacy.
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Allrighty then, my bad, thanks for the info. Do you know if the Emgs could work out for classic/hard rock? Ive been reading and saw both positive and negative opinions about them.
What about the ibanez guitars, which one do you think would be a better deal?
the RG470 obviously has some non-stock pickups. Edit: contacted the seller , says that he bought it second hand as well and that he also doesent know what pickups those are.
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