I've been playing for two year. I joined UG since the late 2014.

I have a long and thin finger that prevent me from sounding all the string properly. People I know that playing for 10 & 15+ can do it easily and I notice that their finger is somewhat fat. I'm sick of this.
For instance, I try to play Creep by Radiohead of Classical guitar then my thumb started to sore because I'm holding so hard to let the 3rd string ring properly.
I also has this problem with Electric but it's easier than my classical guitar.

The action of my guitar is 4mm and 3mm which is OK. I've try different technique that I've found on the internet but still can't do it well. Now, I'm start thinking that the problem is at my hand. If my index goes too high, the 4th & 5th string will sometime goes mute. If my index goes lower it will all sound but my finger is really long so I can't complete chord at all.

Please, what do I need to do? Do I need to find some way to gain fat on my finger? I notice that all the guitar player I know has a fat finger and they made it look easily when they play my guitar.

Sorry, English is not my first language.
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2manystringz I tend to agree with that on this one, or at least get one of the people you know that can do it easily examine your technique and go super detailed with you. I don't think the skinniness of your fingers have much to do with it, it's just down to getting the technique.

The main thing is to use mostly the side of your finger to hold the bar instead of the pad, and to make sure you've got your thumb positioned correctly. On weird chords that require barring with other fingers like the middle or ring you can't really turn them sideways like that, but with those you're usually only holding like 3 string with it so it works with the finger flat, but when barring 5 or 6 strings with the pointer it really helps to get that finger on it's side. The G string is the hardest to get ringing out clear because it falls directly between two joints, so that part of the finger is a little more squishy. Just have to really get your finger as close to the fret as you can, pushing with the side instead of the pad, and focus on putting most of the pressure on that G section of the finger. It helps to have your thumb more towards the middle of the neck to really squeeze at that difficult area and also press down with the tip of your finger. There's a certain amount of thumb strength that may need building up, especially on an acoustic, so once you've got everything ringing out clearly it still takes practice to build up the endurance. My thumb muscle still gets sore after about 5 or 10 minutes playing nothing but bar chords on an acoustic. I've found that as I've gotten better at it it takes less pressure (or else my thumb is just stronger so it feels like less), but on an acoustic it still takes a pretty good bit, depending on how well it's set up.

And when I say the side of the finger I don't mean tilt your wrist all crazy and get it exactly on the side, just to tilt it back that way as much as you reasonably can. It's like say the pad of the finger (palm side) and the edge (top edge of a karate chop) are a 90 degree angle - bar on the 45 degree angle.

But yea, it's much easier in person to see what you're doing wrong and to demonstrate.
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Teacher might be helpful but it come down to me. I have a long finger that mean I need some technique different from other. People I know do the bar chord just like me but the short length and the fatness of their finger does really help them.

On top of that, I encounter this problem on classical guitar because I just bought it 2 days ago and find a hard time doing bar chord on it. The only song that I struggle the most is Creep and you might ask why. The song need to play individual string at a time so I need to make sure that all the string is clean. The 1st string never play but somehow I still do a full bar chord with my index and make sure all the 6 string ring. After G bar chord and C bar chord, I notice that my finger started to get sore because I hold it so hard. I've try different technique as you suggested.