I've just bought Presonus Audiobox USB interface, and coupled it with Reaper and some popular plugins (TSE, LePou). It took me a while to figure out what to do to get it working - right now I have guitar connected to input 2 of my interface, Record Monitoring on, IN 2 selected, Record armed.
But the sound getting out of it is horrible. I mean, the buzz is so enormous that you could have impression that some hardware is damaged.
When I turn off VSTs and play with guitar alone, everything's fine. But both VSTs I tried are ruined, and I'm sure I screwed up somewhere.
Do you know how can I fix that? I'm total noob with both hardware & software involved, so please don't throw chairs at me
Does the Presonus have record monitoring knob on the front face?
You need to turn it all the way to the left (disabled). Then you should hear what is going through your chain only.
Maybe look at latency, turn to higher setting, maybe for starters 10-12ms. You can decrease later.
Didn't you get Studio One with the interface? Might want to try that, it has built in amp Sims that are quite nice, called Ampire.
Also - say you record clean for now, then engage your amp Sims, what do you get then?
No, there is no record monitoring knob on Audiobox. But there is something called Mixer Control, according to producer's guide: "this knob crossfades between the analog input signal of preamps and the playback signal from your computer". When I turn it all the way down to 0, I can hear nothing; when I turn it to 11 o'clock, buzz is insufferable.
Latency issue - is it fixed in Preferences -> Audio -> Recording tab?
Yes, I have Studio One installed, but I' like to learn Reaper. It seems this is a powerful tool and it'd be great to use it along the way.
How can I engage my sims on (clean) track recorded before? Just click FX -> VST of my choice -> voila? It sounds the same as if I had direct monitoring on, it's bad.
It is labelled "Mixer" on this one, sorry:

Reaper/Studio One - horses for courses

You might want to troubleshoot on Studio One first as it is specifically built to optimize the PreSonus hardware, read "runs super stable on PreSonus interfaces".

Quote by thi4f

How can I engage my sims on (clean) track recorded before? Just click FX -> VST of my choice -> voila? It sounds the same as if I had direct monitoring on, it's bad.


So the "Mixer" all the way left will provide you with the direct guitar sound. If is sounds bad then there might be something wrong with the guitar, in that case test with another guitar or other sound source.

So, maybe we should start from the top.

Did you download and install the latest drivers off of PreSonus' site?

Does the interface play other audio OK, say when you play something off of Youtube or mp3 file, is it reproduced OK?

Now on the the DAW - did you setup the drivers to point to the right input/output?

Does it play ok once you import an wav or mp3 file into the DAW?

As far as latency - not sure how to control in Reaper but the PreSonus driver should have a slider to move the latency to a bigger setting.

I can probably help you further as I have Studio One as my primary daw, but I am a bit useless on Reaper

Post computer specs if you can as well. Are you connecting with USB 2.0?

Here are some things from the forum that might be of help:

Also - did you install 32 or 64 bit Reaper/Studio one? Might want to try the 32 bit. I've had some issues with the 64bit and vsts.
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OK, so here's how it looks.

With Mixer all the way down, I hear nothing during playing - but also nothing when I replay guitar recorded before. So I guess it has to be at least at 9 o'clock position all the time.

I downloaded latest 'drivers', namely Universal Control app. To be honest, I don't know if there are ANY other drivers for Audiobox USB, but I doubt it. I had some problems at the beginning, I needed to find very specific Windows Update file and install it - only then PC recognized Presonus.

I haven't tried playing mp3 or Youtube through interface... OK, I checked: it plays everything ok, but not loud enough. Anyways, no buzzing, clipping on mp3 files.

I only use input no. 2 and have it set in Reaper. Did some recordings on CLEAN channel couple of days ago, no VST, no problem.

MP3s imported to my DAW (drag and dropped) play ok, but still not loud enough. No clipping.

When it comes to VSTs in Reaper, Lepou and TSE are still atrocious. But Amplitube 3 gives better sound - as if it's not 'damaged', like the others. Still not satisfying enough distortion, but no buzzing, if you know what I mean.

I will instal Studio One tomorrow to check. Thanks mate!
Well, I download LePou Hybrit - namely HyBrit.dll file, and launch it in Reaper with FX on given track. It's a shame it doesn't work as I'd like, because all I want is to get thrash/old school death distortion, which shouldn't be TOO hard to get... I thought LePou is the best bet.

How can I do all this?
NadIR and Kalthalen - is it amp sim and cab sim, respectively?
Well, in this case I think you're just missing the next thing in the chain which is the speaker emulation...

LePou makes its own http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/2010/12/lecab2-vst-for-windows.html but I prefer NadIR or Ampire (built in on Studio One).

Old school thrash...that's what I cut my teeth on (check out my avatar) so you're in good hands

Try this chain:

Nick Crow (one of his two 5150 sims)->NadIR impulse loader->Kalthallen Marshall 1960B impulse (wav file loaded into NadIR).

So head to:


^ 8505 or 7170 as your amp

then NadIR should be next:

While you're at Ignite Amp's page you can also download Emissary which is another amp sim...

Once you've downloaded and installed both of these and are recognized in your DAW, then head over to Kalthallen:
download the IR library on the far left bottom. These are wav impulses that you drop into NadIR or other impulse loader.

While we're at the topic - you should check out these guys as well:

download the demo, each amp is like $50 and they also have Recabinet which is their IR loader but honestly NadIR is just as good IMO. The amps are worth checking out, especially the old Mesa Mark II and Marshall sims (think early Metallica).
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Thank you very much Mr Kreator! Your response helped me to get proper software and get everything up & running.
It took me long for response since this week is really intense for me.
I like your idea of putting together Nick Crow + NadIR + Kalthallen. What settings would you suggest? I don't know what music exactly do you play most often, but maybe you have some suggestions for crisp thrash sound, or something along the lines of Chuck Schuldiner? Thanks again!
You'll notice the Nick Crow is basically crunch to thrash box with not many settings to get wrong, the Kalthallen IRs, at least the free ones are all 1960a cab (Marshall) miked the same way with several different speakers, so not much to get wrong there either. They are labelled by type of mic and whether they are tube or ss amp driven, and what frequency they are at. A classic setup would be loading NadIR with a SM57 (or Audix i5) and MD421 all on the "a" position on the V30s, or mix and match the different speakers, V30 and G12T75 is also very popular combo even with the same mic. You'll get a manual so it'll explain it better. I use about 30% of MD421 and 70% SM57 (or Audix i5). The other combo I like is sm57 or i5 with AT4050 , this time I give the AT the predominant role and just use the SM57 (i5) to poke through for a bit of grit. Dial out the SM57 and bring in slowly and as soon as you notice it coming through back down just a touch.
Just trust your ears!

You might also get a little wild and download TS808 by these guys http://www.tseaudio.com/home which is a great Tubescreamer vst plugin to push the frontend with. Now on Studio One you could drop a noise gate in front of all that or edit the recorded file with volume fades for noise, I'm sure you could also do the same with Reaper's facilities.

Good luck and let me know if you need more detail, I can take exact screenshot of my settings.