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Any thoughts on Laney LX120RT for 325SGD or 239 USD? Not really looking for a high end amp. Just need something I can occasionally go out and perform with and practice. Kinda on a tight budget. Guitar I'm using is Schecter Hellraiser Avenger stock. Songs I play can be varied but mostly towards metal songs. If not, any other recommendations?
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i don't know your market, but i think you could do better.

its just a oversized SS practice amp, as far as i can tell. nothing special.
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Yeah I'm thinking there's other things I'd get first.

Maybe the Peavey Vypyr, there's the newer Boss Katana series that seems promising, maybe one of the Line 6 things like the AmpliFi (does require you to own a tablet or smart phone I think)...

I'm blanking now but there's definitely more, that's just what I've watched reviews for recently
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