Basically, the problem is that the band drummer always ask for the opinion of his mother in every song that we play, and altrough this as been present since the beggining of the band (we have been playing since february) it didn't bother me until a week ago.
We started playing some kind of pop-rock, but as we progresed as a band, the songs became heavier. The last two songs that I wrote are pretty heavy, and all of us agreed that were way better than our older songs. That until the drummer asked his mother and she said that she didn't liked those songs (not an opinion that I didn't expected, as I wrote those songs thinking of another demography).
Now, the problem is that the drummer wants to play softer songs again, and even said that he will not go to our next gig (wich is in a month) if we play those two songs (his argument is that, if his mother doesn't liked those songs, nobody will like them).
I told him that we cannot know how people will react to our songs just by the opinion of one person (who is older than our pubic), but he is very closed in his posture.
What should I do? I think that maybe I can convince him to show into the gig and see the rection those songs get, but I don't want to get into another argument the next time another song is made.
But isn't it strange... that as soon as you're born you're dying?
A band is a democracy, so if one member disagrees, they lose. If your drummer doesn't like the heavier songs, he can leave the band. It's referred to as "creative differences".
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His mother isn't in the band, he is.
Is his mother going to be at the upcoming show?
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You need to agree that everyone in the band has a say. He doesn't get two votes because his mum votes too.

Having said that dealing with personal differences is 70% of making a band work. Firstly don't take him on directly, that makes it a personal battle of wills and it becomes more about winning and losing than about music. What do the other band members think? Make sure they agree with you or you could be the one who gets left out in the cold. Both of you should realise that if this goes on one of you is going to have to find another band and that will set the remaining band members back, it is worth taking time and not forcing the issue if you can.

Having said that to threaten to take your drumsticks away if you don't get everything you want is pretty infantile and if you want to gig you have to make the show go on. Even if you hate the rest of the band you've got to put the gig and the audience first. I suppose he is very young but it doesn't bode well for working with him if he doesn't change.

Good luck, these things are never pleasant but happen far more often than they should.
After having some thoughts about this, I realized that what really bothered me was that someone from outside the band could influence what we do. That's something I will pose to my bandmates next rehearsal.
Regarding the original problem, I spoke with him, and he continued pointing that heavier music is "harder to sell" than softer songs, but I managed to convince him to play what he likes and not what someone else told him (hope this doesn't backfires). I think that if he behaves so childish again, we'll get another drummer. Thanks to all of you for your help!

I believe that this is even more ridiculous than what you could imagine...a momma's boy at his finest.
But isn't it strange... that as soon as you're born you're dying?