Hi, I bought Mackie onyx blackjack few months ago and I got Tracktion 5 with it.
I downloaded so free VSTs and cabs from the internet and when I open amp vst it reads it and open it, but if I want to add vst cab it won't let me open it.
Please help
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What amp/IR loader do you use? I can do OK with NadIR as cab IR loader, so maybe try that one.

I tried that and the lacab and they don't work
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Does Tracktion see the cab loader as plugin?

Yes but it isn't working when I try to open it
Try one more - this one:

It is something more basic but if this doesn't load then we know we're in more serious trouble

BTW, see if you run the Tracktion program as admin (right click on the program exe file and select "Run as Administrator", then get it to look at all your vsts again.

It might have something to do with 32bit vs 64bit version also if there is an option, so see if any of these if you downloaded say the 32bit try the 64bit as well or the other way around.

Can you load a screen shot of where the IR won't open?
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I loaded mine and apparently I had some things that failed to initialize as well, something I wasn't aware as I didn't need them...

Here are the screen shots, first with my sim and cab IR loader open:

Amplitube for some reason won't load...if you're getting the same errors then it might be that. The BoogEx should load.
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Everyting work for me (amplitube and boogex) but other cab sims doesn't, don't know why, and they didn't even appear when i search them. and yes, I put them in the right folder