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That's some really nice playing! Lots of heart and I love the tones you get out of that strat! What did you use?

Now, should you be interested in experiencing something that could make you wanna cut both your ears off, feel free to check out and comment on my latest here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1710689

Thanks for the kind words

It's an Indonesian Fender Squier Bullet(£83 GBP)with an old Wilkinson Neck Humbucker in the Bridge(Removed gold casing to brighten up the sound) and coil tapped it(Coil Tap not used in that video) and,"Tonerider Pure Vintage" Middle and Neck single coils.

Guitar chain:
Guitar->Zoom G1Xon amp->FX modelling pedal(Bargain of the year.None expression pedal version usually $49) into a Behringer Ultra Gain 200 Valve pre-amp which has 48v Phantom power which I need for my Vocal Condenser mic but also has presets for Guitar/Bass/Keyboards.Then into my PC Via a Line6 Studio GX using a Podfarm patch I made which is basically used as DI box but use PF's Delays most times as it's just easier than using the Zooms,which are pretty damn good.Then recording into Reaper whilst I run the Cheap Logitech Web Cam(C270 about £20) and software with the sound muted.
Once I've fixed the guitar backing in Reaper I save as an MP3 and load with the video into the Free Window's Movie Maker.Sync and edit everything up until happy and Viola

Excuse me whilst I go and wash the blood off my shoulders from my ears after listening to your Metal