Hi everyone! Sorry for my crap english. I have decided to buy an electric guitar. I have lost in the ocean of information during the last 1-2 weeks. I would use the guitar only with computer and amp software. I have an entry level interface with 2 switchable mic/instrument input. My price ceiling is max 300 euro (the prices are the same here like in the usa in dollar So there is no currency differences in instrument prices ) The gitar must be comfortable for sitting use and well built. It would be nice to achieve a wide range of sounds. I like the clean tones and various distorted sounds too. I know with that amount of money I have to come to a compromise. I would appreciate every advice. "Now" my last 3 guitar in the list is: yamaha 120h(2 Alnico V hum strat shape) or yamaha311h(p90 alnicoV strat shape) or washburn win std ( LP with 2 duncan USM hum) So there is no decision yet. This the description of my needs. I hope you could help me with a thing or two. Thank you in advance
Have you tried any of them out? That's what I would do, because what's comfortable for me may not be for you.

Secondly, you may not cover all the ground you'd like with just 2 humbuckers or 2 p90's. Instead of suggesting what pickup configurations there are, it might help if we know what artists you enjoy.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

Is there a used market where you are located like pawn shops or ud=sed guitars at music stores?

You can typically get a better quality guitar buying used for the same price as a lower quality new guitar, just so ling as yoy can play it and get a feel for how it sounds and plays as well as inspecting it for damage.
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As i have read there is no major difference in any size compared to many other guitars. I have a tiny experience with acoustic so the bigger strat body may fit better than the LP. I like various type of music like rock heavy rock metal metalcore. Bands like RATM Triggerfinger Tool Meshuggah Protest the hero Dillinger ESC Plan Grinderman. I like clean funky tones too. So just like everything Probably I could not to emulate all of these styles. It is all about self entertainment.
Somehow I would prefer a new one because I affraid of not recognizing if the guitar is not in a perfect state. I was thinking about a b-stock instrument with warranty but the price difference is also not to big to worth it I think.
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