So I've had a random band showing up in my Facebook feed a fair bit over the past couple of weeks: Letters From The Fire
Link to the main song they seem to have a full music video for:

I'm not sure it was the band's own promotion or something that was made for the FB ads, but basically it touted itself as "if you like Paramore or Evanescence" etc etc. I've thrown this in the metal subforum just because they sit in a post-grunge sort of space in my mind, but that's almost just semantics really.

My teenage self would definitely have loved them, but I feel almost cynical about them as my mid-20s self.

I have my own initial thoughts/criticisms about them, but I just was a bit curious to see if anyone else reached similar conclusions (purposefully not going into specifics so as not to colour others' initial opinions)

Disclaimer: I'm not aiming to directly promote or ridicule or anything like that. Any inkling of stuff like that is entirely coincidental. I'm just curious about how people react to these kinds of bands nowadays and want to try to keep things as objective as possible (as much as they can be with opinions).

Edit: mods, feel free to move this to the rock subforum if it's more appropriate
Pedal GAS?
Empress Heavy
ISP Dec of some sort
Keeley Katana
TC Corona/Vortex/Dreamscape
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Definitely rock, has nothing to do with metal. Sounds like a Halestorm wannabe or something. It'll probably make it on the radio unfortunately. Any further analysis would be a waste of time as it has no depth to begin with.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Definitely agreed with Kyto. "Post-grunge", "Alternative-metal", and all the bands that fall in those categories are 99% of the time not metal and don't belong here. They, generally, aren't worthy of any serious discussion regardless of genre due to how shallow and uninspired their music is as well.