Keep your voice low
Keep your eyes closed
Keep your body still and hold out for a sign
Let hope sustain you here inside the rubble
Keep your heart and mind open
Just hold on to your faith
and I will find you here inside the fallout

I needed you for far more than you will ever know -
through your eyes I finally get to see the point of me
For a time my sentence came with someone else to share
but now I stare the dying sun down
and see nothing at all

You placed your trust in me, while never knowing why
If I give you one good reason, would it change your mind?
I could heal all the cracks once upon a day
but now the faultlines are too many,
and too heavy to bear

We’ve been left for dead here on a splintered road
This day had started with our aimless wandering
and at the sound of fire, it comes to a close.
You could cry for help and call my name;
I cannot hear

You keep your voice low
You keep your eyes closed
Your body's still while you hold out for a sign
Your hope sustains you here inside the rubble
Waiting on me so long,
you hold onto your faith
I'm lying dead beside you in the fallout.
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