I have a guitar, (an ltd ec256), that I want to put a jb in, but it comes stock with a push pull pot to coil tap both pickups. For me personally, I never use this feature and I want to install the jb without modding it to coil tap. Do I need to get a new standard pot or can I use a push pull pot as a regular one without it actually affecting anything?
I'm going to assume that you meant coil splitting (using one of humbucker's coils kind of like single coil pickup) rather than coil tapping (turning off a part of the coil/coils to get less output from the pickup). Standard JB isn't coil tappable as far as I know.

If you don't want the coil splitting option just solder (and isolate with electric tape) the white and red wires and you're good to go with only the standard humbucker sound.
There's no modding to the JB done -- you just attach wires. If you never use the feature, there's no reason NOT to hook it up, either.
If you don't like splitting the pickups, then just don't use it.

Makes no difference either way.
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