Hello i have problems with a part from solo

E Q. S T T T T T T T T T T T T T T

this part where it goes on on 10 -- 12 on G string is he playing alternative picking or economy while as alternative picking is pretty damn hard to go d u d u d and then u i find it more natural to go down like in economy picking.

Has anyone any advice how should i learn it at best?

Steve Morse 100% would have alternate picked it. No doubt. He alternate picks everything. You can play it however you like, though, no one who matters is going to shout at you for economy picking it, as long as you get the notes in the right place it's all good.

I mean, ideally you'd get your alternate picking to the point where it was a choice of which to do, but that's ideally, really the only thing that matters is that you can play the notes in the right place and make it sound good.
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I tried this lick myself. The problem lies in the mixed number of notes per string. Alternate picking seems to be easier for me when I start this particular sequence with an upstroke. But usually I would just economy pick this. If you want to practice alternate picking with mixed numbers of notes per string try this lick. 9-10 on a string, 9-11 on D string, 9-11-12 on G string and back down again. It's one of Al di Meolas licks. Sounds really nice and helps with alternate picking.
Steve plays everything, and I mean everything with alternate picking. He's amazing, check this video out, it explains in amazing detail exactly how Steve navigates string changes. Everything by Troy Grady is pure gold, this vid is no exception. This focuses on his arpeggios but you can still get some insight into how to get around difficult string changes with alternate picking.
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