nice guitar, but read the rules.

New Gear Day Threads

All New Gear Day threads must contain two of the following three items:

1.) Pictures of your gear (no google/stock images)
2.) Clips/video
3.) A Review.

Threads without these requirements will be closed and the thread starter will be warned.

In addition to this, the only items that warrant a new gear thread are amps, cabs, and pedals. Any thread started for other items will be closed and the thread starter will be warned.

Also - New Gear Day anticipation threads are not allowed. If you don't have the piece of gear yet, your thread will be closed.
What was the point in you making this thread?

If you have absolutely nothing insightful to say about what you just bought, then don't post anything at all.
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Okay, so you have the pictures, so here is my review:

"It's a great guitar - 5/5"

hmmmm fail.