Hello, this is my first post!

To the point, I have a guitar rack which consists of: Furman Mx10e, Marshall Jmp1, Mindprint Envoice MkII (eq+compressor).

1:Is it ok to Turn on/off everthing from the power conditioner main switch?
2:Should I lift ground in the preamp and mindprint?
3:Would it be better to use balanced cables to connect the units with each other?

Thank you.
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1. You should check with the manufacturer of your gear. For instance, I know it's okay with the Kemper.
2. No idea.
3. Depends on the units. If you have balanced outs and ins, use balanced cables. If not, don't. That's how I've been told, but I'm not an expert on this stuff. I've also been told it's less important the shorter the cable run is.
Regarding #2 the ground lift is only needed if you are getting a hum in your signal from a ground loop, if there is no hum then you don't need to lift the ground, if there is a hum try lifting the ground and see if it removes the hum.