Could you help me out pls?
What kind of guitar is this? What is the name of the model? I bought it years ago, but i want to sell it now. I would be delighted if you could suggest a price as well.


Thank you!
That's an enigma, Well sort of, as obviously its a Johnson, Its just that being a neck thru and loaded with SD's and a Floyd makes it a bit shall we say strange, as Johnson is well known for crappy Chinese made guitars, It could be possible someone replaced the stock pickups, bridge and nut, although the fact its a neck thru makes it highly unlikely, Johnson has never made a neck thru to my knowledge, however have made models that where similar in style but they're standard fare bolt on necks,
My question is, did you buy this new or used? and either way one would think you might have some information it, But in any case I'll take a stab at it and hopefully give you some insight and a few more clues to help you in your investigation, Of which I believe this guitar may be worthy of,
So lets enter Rick Johnson who founded the company in 93, although was acquired by offshore manufactures shortly after, Thus cheap Chinese made guitars, Rick now uses the brand names Stremel and Johnson Guitars USA, of which are novelty guitars such as machine guns and jet fighters, although the Stremel branded guitars still look like regular guitars, although nothing currently that resembles a Super Strat design, But that's not to say he didn't before the acquisition, Personally I think it warrants calling or contacting Rick over at Johnson Guitars USA/Stremel and see if he may have had a hand in it, which to be honest looks a lot like his handy work, if anything he may at least be able to give you some information on it,
Another possibility, although not aware of it under the Chinese ownership of Johnson would be a custom shop model, First Act did this and come to think of it many of its production run models were shipped to Europe, assuming your from Hungary as the adds in your photos would suggest, Basically they opened a custom shop in the US hired some former gun slingers from Gibson and built some very high end guitars with unique designs, Once everyone got excited they closed the custom shop and started producing cheap Chinese made guitars with the same designs, What's a Chinese made First Act worth, Nothing throw it away or use it for firewood , A US made custom shop model could be worth quite a bit, Same could apply to your guitar, although not a run of the mill Johnson and has value, but it will have a lot more value if Rick indeed had a hand in its manufacture,
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Thank you for your insights.
I bought it in 2011 august, in a local music shop in hungary. I was playing for a half of a year, so i didnt asked anyting about it eventually. And they did not mention anything about its origin either. So I dont know that it was used or not, but it seemed to me rather unused. But perhaps it was just repaired-renewed.
Thank you for your help.
About 395 USD. But I remember clearly that they said (i dont know if it's true or not) it was around 700USD for a long time but noone bought it, so they decreased its price.
It looks a lot like a 1980s Aria Pro II RS series guitar. Depending on how old it is, it could be a re-branded Aria. Johnson Guitars does not currently offer anything like it.
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