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So I have a Gibson Maestro trem on my 345 (if you google es-345TDC you will see it) and it currently just sits a bit too low, the result being that there is very little room for downward give.

Now, I know that these vibrato arms aren't designed for divebombs etc., but this is particularly low (as in nearly touching the body) and sits lower than I have seen on other identical 345s.

Does anyone know what I can do to help improve this situation?

Get a replacement arm, then bend it till you get the desired height. I'm pretty sure you can't feasibly adjust anything else on that trem (including the spring, as it's spring steel so it's just got a really wide range of elastic deformation) and personally I wouldn't want to fuck with any of the original parts on a fancy Gibson like that.
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Like K33nbl4d3 said... Its a tremolo arm, not a whammy bar. It's designed for SUBTLE trem moves, not through the body divers.

That being said, (again like he said), get a replacement arm and bend it back closer to the attachment point. This way it starts up higher with less chance of you hitting the body with the arm.
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