Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out the background chords (the exact chords used in the studio recording).

The main basic chord progression is D / A / G, but it sounds like the high E is tuned down to D, I'm not too sure.
And help with the other chords in the song would be great!

There are 3 guitars btw: Left Channel = chords // Right Channel = arpeggios + chords in chorus // Center = lead guitar


The way I hear it is below... Not sure about the high e string as I have to listen to this song
Through an ipad... And the speakers aren't the best to listen to music through.
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As you stated the main chord progression is D A G
For the first half of the song... (Listen for timing)


Bm G D G D
Bm G D G D
F#m Em D - single strums

Back to D A G for a while

Bm G D G D
Bm G D G D

F#m Em D
G F#m Em Em D

End with
D. A G
Do you have some kind of special equipment that you use since you mentioned different channels.. To
Hear the different instruments in the song?
Me, all I have is an ipad and a computer that is over 15 years old I bet... In fact on that it doesn't support
Many of the sites I go to... Hell to get old and even worse not to have anyone around to help out with all
This crap technology......lol.
Yeah! I use Audacity (it's free) on my laptop to try and isolate certain instruments. It's not 100% but it does help the majority of the time. Then if an instrument is more to the left or right, I split the stereo track, and make the left or right channel mono, to better hear it. I can also slow down the track if it's too fast for me. There are lots of useful things that I can do with Audacity

I have a basic 3-year-old laptop that can't even run most editing software properly, except for windows movie maker lol.

Try and get a new laptop! Maybe around $200-$300 for one like mine, you might even be able to find one cheaper.

If you get Audacity, I could tell you what plug-ins I use and steps I do to help with tabbing songs!