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Before I get to my question, I figure I'll give some background.

I have an Android app on my phone that basically teaches you what note is where on the fret board through basic exercises. For example, the app will display the spot played on the fret board, and you have to identify the note, or it will ask you to find G on the fret board, or it will ask you to find ALL the Gs on the fret board, and you "find" them. It sounds super simple, but it really helped me learn the notes on the fret board. The best part for me was that I didn't need a guitar in my hand to use it (I could do it on the bus, in the waiting room, etc etc etc).

I'm curious if there a similar app for more advanced things, such as scales or chords etc, where you can perform exercises on your phone/tablet without a guitar in your hand, in order to just build your knowledge.

Hopefully my question makes sense!

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Why not just do those things when you have your guitar in hand? If you want some spare time music stuff on your phone, do interval and chord recognition.

The reason I'm asking is because I find myself with down time when I can't have a guitar in my hand. There are the examples I said previously, but other occasions I find myself in, like downtime at work, airports/airplanes, even just sitting on the can!!

And I think I may be confused about your suggestion. Do you just mean listen to songs and figure out what chords etc are in it?
cody.minshull I think cdgraves means..If you can find all the G notes..then find all the B notes..then the D notes..as these will form the G major triad in all positions...of course having your guitar in hand will expedite the learning curve..there are sites that can locate the entire triads that you can visit..even some that will show you harmonized scales..search for them..
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Save the fretboard workouts for when you have a fretboard. Doing that stuff without your guitar is very unproductive. As much as you "learn" from the app, you'll just have to do over gain the next time you pick up your guitar.

I recommend using non-instrument time for skills that aren't so instrument dependent, like ear training and sight singing.
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