Hi. I am Edwin Ang from the tiny country of Singapore. This is my first thread in the forums ever since I created this account. Today, I went to talk about my gear and was looking back at how much I have achieved since I switched to analog pedals. It wasn't easy, it was close to a year's worth of research and hunting. Definitely worth it though. The purpose of this post is, I thought that it would be great to share my experiences with everyone here, especially beginner electric guitarists who are looking to venture into analog pedals. I fully understand the pain of trying to balance money and what's worth. The pedals I've got are all planned from a beginner's point of view. So here is my 2cents about gear talk: https://edwinguitarlife.blogspot.sg/2016/10/geartalk.html
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I'm sorta the opposite. I started with individual pedals, and how have two and a half of the big flap-top bins packed full of them. I was digging through them the other day and it was a bit like archeology; as I delved down through the layers, I realized that a couple of times I'd purchased a second example of a pedal that I'd already owned, used, gotten tired of and packed away! I've found more than a few that are now considered vintage (but that I purchased used and cheap). I' afraid to add up what it would cost to replace all of these today. I've gotten too lazy to hook up extensive pedal boards these days, so I rely on whatever's in the modeler I'm using at the moment. Given the routing options on some of the best modelers, you can do more than you can with most pedalboards anyway.
Thanks for sharing, but please post your thoughts directly on UG instead of linking to your blog.