Hi Guys
I'm about to buy a new guitar due to the limited amount of guitar available in my country and limited knowledge about guitar (beginner here) even the seller didn't know how to play guitar, I'm either going to chose an Ibanez GRG250DX or Ibanez RG350EXZ for my first guitar, so whats the big difference between the two? which one you might pick if you're me?

I like rock or maybe metal? something like this

thx in advance
normally the regular ones are considered to be a fair bit better than the gios, but i don't have a ton of experience (read: none) with either specific model
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The GIO's are pretty mediocre guitars, even as cheap guitars go.

It's concerning that the previous owner doesn't even know how to play guitar because that implies that he doesn't know how to take care of them either.

If I had no other choices but those 2 guitars, I'd get the 350. But if I did have the choice, I'd buy something with a fixed bridge. Especially if you are a beginner. Floyd bridges are a pain in the ass to set up. And the cheap ones are a nightmare.
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Something comparable without a Floyd which is a pain for beginners
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