25.5 - 26.25 Fan
Polaris Body Shape
Reaver Headstock
Bolt-on Construction
Bloodletter Red stain
Oil finish

Flamed Black Limba body
Quilt maple top
Honduras Rosewood and Flamed Sycamore neck
Ebony fingerboard

Slanted Lundgren M17 Humbuckers
ABM Saddles
Sperzel Locking Machine Heads
Stainless Steel Frets
Pearl 'shield' inlay markers
Ivoroid Binding with Black Side Dots
Bone Nut
Brass milled string block
1 Volume + 3 way toggle

Demo video playing "Elysium Void" an original melodic death metal song:

In Short:
I've had this guitar 4+ months now and its one of the best guitars I've ever played. It sounds great, looks great and plays even better than it looks. Tight, thick, clear and just a joy to pick up every time. The woodwork, neck joint and binding are very clean. Fretwork is definitely the best I've come across. The action is low with every fret ringing out clearly.

Chris was great to work with. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of guitar building. The guitar was built to the day I was quoted and communication was was quick and easy with FB messenger. I even want back for a second build. Highly recommended!

VERY long version:
I planned to make a review video but in my free time after work its the last thing I ever feel like doing and just want to play guitar instead so I'll try not to ramble on too much here since I could talk about this guitar all day.

Like I said this is one of the best guitars I've ever played. The action is low and every note rings out clearly. Its has a 25.5-26.25" fan which is very comfortable since you don't really notice it. The Polaris shape is about 34mm thick, has a moderate forearm contour and the bolt-on joint provides easy access to the high frets. The neck is a thin D shape that I spec'd myself from other guitars at the workshop with the fret ends nicely rounded and out of the way. The ebony fretboard and SS frets make the fretboard very smooth.

Its always a tricky part to describe the tone of an instrument but I'll try. Overall its a full sounding instrument across the board with no real noticeable spikes or scoops. Deep low end, nice low-mid chunk to palm mutes and a warmish top end. The main neck woods are standard Blackmachine spec and the body woods are Vik's usual go to choice so I'm very happy how it sounds unplugged. The 25.5-26.25" fan compared to a 25.5" makes the lower strings that little bit clearer and tighter in the bass. I find fans sounds more even/natural going from string to string than a straight scale, especially on the lower strings. You don't need to pull the bass back to tighten up the tone on them. The pickups are wound to about 15k, again no big scoops or spikes in the EQ so they leave a lot of room for the amp/cab to colour the sound. The Bolt-on neck provides a lot of attack in the tone but the Alnico V pickups stop it getting to sharp or clanky on the high strings. Its similar to my Daemoness since the woods/construction/pickups are very similar. Just has more attack, more low-mids and less highs.

I went for a .75 inch fan because I personally think the limit of a 25.5" is C. I really like how a 26.5" feels and sounds in B, Bb and A but I don't feel as comfortable playing lead. I have a 25.5 - 26.5" on my Daemoness so I wanted a 25.5 - 26.25" on this for B standard tuning. Compared to a 25.5" the low B is tighter and clearer, intonates better across the board and I can use a 59 instead of a 60 which improves the tone. Frets 5-15 feel like a regular straight scale with a slight slant each way after that so its very comfortable to play. I don't like scales longer than 26.5" or shorter than 25.5" so a small fan like this feels great.

My favourite part of the build! When I visited the Carillion workshop last year I had a clear idea of my specs and what I wanted tonally and aesthetically. I had a look through Chris's mountain of tops and fretboards for a good two hours. I settled on a highly figured quilt maple top because of how it curves around the forearm contour and below the electronics. The body is flamed black limba which really sticks out in the right light. For the neck Chris picked out a honduras rosewood neck blank he was saving and some locally sourced sycamore paired with a jet black ebony fretboard. One of the really cool details is the plates on the front and back of the headstock that are stained red and the black veneers between them.

These are the first Lundgren M17 set(M-one-seven) made and I'm really happy how they turned out. They are a mix between the M7 and "The One" so they have the tightness and clarity of the M7 but the bouncy attack, slightly lower output and smoother high end of "The One" because of the Alnico V magnet. They have black allen bolts for fine tuning. My demo video is a good example of how the pickups sound but I'll get a few more videos up soon with just guitar to demonstrate their tone on its own without any cuts for a mix.

The fretwork is just incredible. They are expertly levelled, every fret rings out clearly, polished silky smooth which makes bending/vibrato much easier, the ends are nicely rounded and angled so you can't feel them when you move up and down with the tangs nicely tucked away before the ivoroid binding. After tuning stability fretwork is my number one most important thing on a guitar and this guitar gets 10/10 here. They are stainless steel which means they won't wear even after several hundred hours of playing and like on my other guitars because they are polished so well strings last much longer compared to my previous nickel fretted guitars.

I was a bit unsure what stain to go for because of the wood combinations so I let Chris decide on what would work best. We settled on a red finish that really shows of the figure in the maple top. The whole guitar is oil finished so its very smooth.

I have this guitar setup in B standard. Its set up with moderately low action 1.5 - 2.5mm at the 12th fret with a small amount of relief. I could go much lower with how good the fretwork is but I favour higher action so its fine like this. Intonation is really good across the board. The scales/fan were optimised for this tuning with my progressive string gauge set in mind.

I was very hesitant to put down an order because I was waiting on two guitars and already had some bad experiences with builders before so I wanted to visit Chris's workshop in person before committing. After a few months of messaging I flew over to England when I finally had a day off. Chris put my doubts at ease straight away when I got to try a few guitars and see his builds in all different stages up close and I put down my first payment soon as I got home. I have a build thread in the luthiery section where you can see how stress free the build process was:

The guitar was completed in just under 4 months so I took another trip over to pick it up in person(since its cheaper to fly over and back from Ireland to England with an extra seat for a guitar than to ship it :nuts: ).

This guitar is up there with the best of them. Easily on par with my Daemoness and Vik, even a little bit better in some areas! Build times are very accurate and communication is the best in the business I've come across. I've had some very bad experiences with builders so it was great to get a guitar with no delays, quick responsive communication, a steady stream of build pics and most importantly an incredible guitar. So a huge thanks to Chris Dehlia for knocking it out of the park on this one.
wow that's awesome
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Great looking guitar there! Love the color, and rosewood necks are the shit.

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Beautiful guitar!
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Quote by dementiacaptain
Great looking guitar there! Love the color, and rosewood necks are the shit.


yeah i meant to say i loved the colour- my absolute favourite (I think ) on figured tops is those aqua-type bursts, but pinkish/magenta/sunset (like on the MM steve morse) type bursts are a very close second
I'm an idiot and I accidentally clicked the "Remove all subscriptions" button. If it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm not, I'm just no longer subscribed to the thread. If you quote me or do the @user thing at me, hopefully it'll notify me through my notifications and I'll get back to you.
As Ludacris might say, "That looks like it's worth a million ga-zillion Carillion dollars!"

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That looks amazing HNGD,

Now to add that and Daemoness/Vik (who I forgot about) onto my short list of Mayoness and Skervesen Guitars for a high end 7.
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Very cool. I'm a big fan of the headstock design.
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That is one sweet axe, I am a headstock snob and I really like that one especially the layout of the tuning machines. The wood choices are beautiful it looks like a proper high performance machine!

Congrats HNGD
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