I'm using a 6505 and an sm57. No matter what mic position I place it in I cant get an upfront ballsy sound even with dual panned guitars. It always sounds like there is some layer in front of it not letting it shine through. All my mixes I use with plugins sound great when I go DI. Does the volume of the amp itself need to be cranked. I am in an apartment for school so I cannot crank It like I would at home. Strangely I have gotten a great punchy thick tone with my Marshall 4x12 but nothing good is coming out of this 6505 with a 2x12 v30 cab. Is it the amps volume? thanks
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Cranking the amp would certainly help, but remember that mic'd instruments are often treated later with effects and EQ. When you play DI, you're essentially getting a "finished" sound since most people like to sound like a fully mastered studio quality guitar. But when you record through a mic, most engineers like to get as raw a sound as much as possible with minimal effects. Adding too much effects on a mic'd guitar can often sound crappy, thus reverb, delay, and even sometimes distortion is added later in post.
Unfortunately the speakers need to be moving a bit to get good tone.

That means post gain of 3-4.
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