Hi well i have a Marshall MG15FX but realized its time to get a new amp i was thinkin about a pevey but it isnt available in my country and the cant buy online cuz they dont ship to Peru and if they do the ship cost is 100% more. Ive been reading lot of threads and found that something like peavey vypr 2 (yes my budged is about 200-300$) is the Fender mustang,
I play mostly heavy metal, thrash and some rock and punk too, bands like metallica megadeth, iron maiden, sum 41, rise against.
Is the fender mustang ii v2 ? a good option or just get a mustang i v2?
And what other amps can i get that adjust to my budgets and willing to play.
Ive heard about line 6 spider but didnt read good reviews on it.
Thx for your advices
PD: I know i may not get the exact sounds i wanna get thats why i can also get a pedal was thinkin about boss or mxr ones so that isn a issue, just wanna upgrade my actual amp.
i would look for a peavey vypyr or vip.

i advise getting one that has a 12" speaker.
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