I have just watched The Flash Season 3 Episode 1. It was mindblowing. Spoilers alert!!!! Please press the back button if you haven't watched it yet.

So apparently, Barry Allen went back to save him mom in the last episode of Season 2. Noted, he has created an alternate reality by saving his mom. In Season 3 episode 1, he returns to the current time and finds out he's in the new reality. Blah blah blah skip forward and the Reverse Flash is bringing him back in time again to kill his mom to destroy the "new reality". What I don't understand is, since they are already in the "new reality", won't travelling back in time put them in a "new reality past"? One where the original speedsters are not in?

Meaning to say, is this "new alternate reality" something both speedsters can wish to enter and get out of at will? If so, then how real can this alternate timeline be? When they travelled back again, the original speedsters faded away - what does this mean? From what I infer, fading away meant that that particular timeline disappears from the fabric of reality. Then how come the Barry Allen behind the door didn't come back?

All in all, it is quite confusing what the writers of the show is proving. It is a really good show, no doubt, but just a little confusing on the time travel part. What do you musicians think? Should we think about time travel or just stick to our musical talents? HAHAHAHA...
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