I'm looking to sell my BC Rich Stealth. This is the Made in Japan NJ Series model, with the serial number identifying it as being made in 1984.

I'll start by addressing the biggest (and only) problem with the guitar - the body has sustained abuse over the years and is now very battered and bruised. Its difficult to see on the pictures but there are numerous dents and cracks in the lacquer and paintwork. However, I've gone over all of them with a fine tooth-comb (and so has my guitar tech) and as far as we can tell they are all superficial and the actual body underneath is fine. None of the dents or cracks affect the playability at all.

The good points - most, if not all, of the parts are original (feel free to correct me on that though as I'm not a BC Rich expert). Its just been professionally setup and plays extremely well. The neck, fretboard and headstock are all in excellent condition, save some knocks to the top edge of the headstock. All of the electronics work fine.

This is a very rare guitar with a bodyshape made iconic by Chuck Schuldiner of Death - I've never actually seen an NJ Series Stealth for sale, save when I first found this and bought it myself!

Priced at £300 - I'm located in South Wales and I'm happy to meet somewhere to exchange. If you're local or willing to travel you're welcome to pop in and try it out. I can also arranged to have this shipped, but will need to discuss shipping options with any buyer.