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Sterling musicman Majesty
6 75%
Ibanez premium Rg920qz
2 25%
Voters: 8.
Hi iam going to buy new guitar. Which one would be better choice? Sterling music man majesty or Ibanez premium rg920qmz
Hard to say for certain because they're a good bit different. I can't speak for the Premiums as I haven't played them personally, but Sterling makes excellent guitars.
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Well one has a double locking trem and the other doesn't. Were you planning on abusing the trem a la Vai? Have you tried them both to see if one seems to be more comfortable for you to play?
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My vote is for the Sterling.
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The trem on the Ibanez looks better and the pickups are US-made so in theory they should be better. I think the bottom cutout on the Ibanez is fugly as is the top "horn" on the Majesty, but I think the Ibanez is a bit less ugly in that regard.
I'd go for a sterling JP shape over the majesty.

However you should try to play them as those guitars will feel radically different.

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Thanks all for your reply .. I am going for Majesty... I played both and i feels like majesty is more comfortable to me .. as my previous guitar was also sterling jp60