I am thinking of getting a new guitar, mainly to play 80s rock (Def Leppard, Dire Straits, some Bon Jovi). I want to spend around 800$. I have thought about getting a Fender Standard Strat HSH, however I also read that Ibanez or Jackson make pretty decent guitars. Which one would you recommend for that purpose?
Charvel San Dimas. pretty much the same as what was used back in the day. Dire Straits would be the exception as Mark used either a Strat or a Les Paul and didn't use the typical 80s sound.
Jackson Pro Dinky and the Charvel San Dimas are quintessentially 80's. Both brands are owned by Fender and they're both made in the same factory.
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Get a vintage 80s shred machine.. Ibanez Floyd Rose HSH Japanese made or Iceman Japanese made, 80's Washburn shred machine, Jackson Dinky Japanese made.

I got a Wing Series T-bird vibrato made by Matsumoto Japan, it is the only guitar In Wing series that isn't Ash body.. but that does not change its pedigree.. 80's all around guitar (it is the vibrato model but I rarely use the trem)
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
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Jackson Pro Dinky and the Charvel San Dimas are quintessentially 80's. Both brands are owned by Fender and they're both made in the same factory.

i tried three or four of both MIM charvel's (san dimas and socal), and jacksons (dk2's) a few days ago. they were great across the board. they aren't very different. similar neck, same compound radii, similar pickups, similar trems. blah blah blah blah.

get the one you think is prettier.

or better yet, buy a used MIJ jackson. they are a good deal right now.

or BEST OPTION in my [biased] opinion, get an ibanez prestige. i currently have five. they can be found used in your budget, and i would put them above the others. i have owned three MIJ jacksons and they were nice as well.
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any of the good quality superstrats should work- ibanez, jackson, esp, charvel, fender. it's more about what you prefer, and also comparing like with like (a cheap jackson is worse than a high end ESP and vice-versa). also for dire straits you're likely to want some single coil action- so probably HSS or HSH pickup layouts. (I know the older MIJ charvel so cals were HSH-routed under the scratchplate, I'm not sure if the newer MIMs are.)
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I think I can answer this. I play 80s rock/metal almost exclusively. I have a Fender HSS Strat, 3 Ibanez and a PRS. I rarely ever use my Strat for 80s stuff - I use it for late-70s like Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, etc. My go to is my 1986 Ibanez RG350 Roadstar II Series, then my 2nd is the 1987 Ibanez Pro-540R Radius. Both great for shredding. My Radius is basically the pre-Satriani model guitar which eventually became the Satriani model. I find Ibanez to be the most versatile out of all my axes. It's great for 80s style shredding, Andy Summers atmospherics, poppy funky stuff and the token reverb/chorus-heavy 80s sound.
Another vote for a Jackson Dinky or Charvel San Dimas. You can often find a used MIJ Jackson Dinky in nice condition for half of your allotted budget.

If you don't want/need the floyd rose/locking trem, or prefer a more traditional (slightly thicker) neck, the HSH strat would also be a fine choice.
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Stock answer is RG550 if you want the best 80s shred machine or if you fancy something different but equally awesome Charvel San Dimas Type 2

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Used Kramers and B.C. Richs from that era are an option too.

Are you more concerned about the tones or the looks?

I mean what's more 80's than a hot pink Warlock or zebra striped Bich?
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Stock answer is RG550 if you want the best 80s shred machine or if you fancy something different but equally awesome Charvel San Dimas Type 2

As someone that's had experience with both guitars, this is good advice.
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When I think of guitars for Def Leppard, Dire Straits, and Bon Jovi, I think super Strat, Strat, and super Strat respectively. Although all those bands have used other guitars, Strat-types are the ones I associate with them the most. Probably any super-Strat would do it, exact pickup configuration probably doesn't matter as long as you have a bridge humbucker and either a singlecoil or splittable 'bucker in the neck. A Floyd Rose is probably essential though.