this is kind of what i mean

blink moves around like they're running and shit and still manage to play somewhat decently. what really makes me wonder is how the hell does Mark the bassist jump continuosly while playing and still sound good. when i try stuff like that my bass just goes all over the place, or i miss notes. anyone have an idea how they do this?
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Practice like your playing live every time you practice. Knowing your material to the point you can play it in the dark is a huge part of it too. So move around during practice/rehearsal and expect your stage presence to be a direct result of your practice routine.
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Figure out when you want to move during the song you're playing.

If you're playing a single power chord with drop D, it's pretty easy to go nuts since you're only holding the bar down (essentially it's just holding the neck of the guitar).
But if you're playing a solo or a tough lick, you might want to stop moving to make sure that it comes out cleanly.

But like pantallica said, in the end you practice the same way you play it so it isn't foreign to you on stage. If want to do backflips while playing a face melting solos, make sure you practice it during rehearsal so that you get the muscle memory down.

Hope that helps
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i mean, i can move around quite a lot and stuff, even run or do those fake falls, but those jumps just make me really confused, i also noticed he basically pulls his bass all the way to the other side from the shoulder his strap is at, i find that a bit awkward since you can't really rest your arm anywhere. it looks better that way though imo
I'm a dirty fuckin' punk / i sell myself for a beer