Moderator elections on Ultimate Guitar Forum!

Do you want to make some changes we believe in? Do you really love UG and want to make it better? Then this is your chance. It’s time for the semi-annual moderator elections!

Each (almost) subforum will get a new moderator and you decide who it’s going to be.

The elections have 3 stages.

1) Nominations
Here are some hints for you on how to make a first step to becoming a moderator.
- Candidates who want to participate in elections must nominate themselves in corresponding threads.
- Candidates must nominate themselves in one subthread only.
- Candidates must nominate themselves within two days starting today (apply till 10.07).

2) Campaign.
You'll have to persuade users, why you're the one who deserves to be a moderator. You're free to promise profound advice and help to inexperienced users, or just things like fun monthly activities and crazy wallpapers. Users can ask you questions about your opinion on controversial subjects etc. The campaign will last for 7 days.

3) Election day!
Each subforum will get a voting poll.

Winners get a moderator status, glory, respect, love, and help from UG in organizing special events.

Basic eligibility for running:
- Account must be more than three months old
- Must have more than 180 posts
- Applicants must have a clear record for the last three months (no warnings or bans).

So you better get your slogans and promises ready
Good luck!

Here's the list of current candidates - and their campaigns:

UPDATE: So it's time to vote! Go to the link and choose a new moderator here!
UPDATE: Voting day will be on Oct 13-Oct 14 (two days), so if you're already a candidate, keep promoting yourself and your own campaign (all candidates are mayors in their own campaign threads since now, so feel free to customize your threads as you want ) - show us that you're the best one!
If you haven't nominated yourself, you still can do it - just send a direct message to N-D about it.

So have fun - will waiting for the voting day!
If nobody else wants to moderate this sub-forum, i would responsibly take action.
Can i even campaign in 2 separate forums? Should I create another thread in this one, as i already have a thread posted in The Pit?
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I am fairly new but I see there are strides going the right direction.. is there a way to sticky informative post.. aside from "which guitar is right for me". Also have a poll which topic is useful and needs to be sticky.. I don't know if it is noted before but some newer members ask questions that have been posted.. maybe a quick introductory.. how to use "search"

I apologize if I am one of those new members.. thanks and more UG
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
k.lainad Yes, you can campaign in 2 separate forums - and you should create a campaign thread in this subforum as well - so just create it and send me a link after. Thank you!
i would have liked to see someone mod this forum who's a regular here rather than in other sections, but best of luck to you guys.
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It seems like there is no other candidates. Being a moderator isn't an easy task, it is a long hours to check post and censure racist, hateful comments, and non productive criticism; It is a thankless job that we forum members take for granted.. only a true music lover who appreciates sharing love for music can do an awesome job. Here at UG I see a brotherhood that helps each other to get more informed on playing techniques, gears and amps. better understand and improve on music.. there is no skin color or racist here.. that is why I love reading post by other members..

I vote for you. Good on you for volunteering.
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
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