Just a quick question on a certain chord shape, its from Mastadon's Leviathan album off Heart's Alive, its the second chord shape I think (check out the tab for context)

The chord shape looks like

E 3
B 4
G 0
D 1
A x
E x

I am trying to play this shape with my ring finger on the top note, pinky on the 4th fret of the B, open, and then pointer on the first fret of the D. I have seen many different chord shapes before and played lots of bars etc. but this particular chord shape is NOT comfortable. Do I just need to suck it up or is there a better way to play that?
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The way you finger sounds just about right, at least thats how i would do it.

You can always try and bar with your pinky -or ring finger if u have Paul Gilbert's hands- something like:

B 8
G 8
D 5
A 6
E x

Or play it like a Major7 kind of shape:

E 3
B 4
G x
D 5
A 6
E x

Although you kinda lose tha open string vibe. But to be honest, I think you just need to get use to the shape that you originally posted.
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Why not play it as x6x043 ? That way you get the open chords and a (at least to me) more comfortable stretch.
That's a tough chord to get your pinky up and over the high e string to fret the b string but I bet with practice it'll be become easier. Maybe try looking for a live video of them playing this and see if that's how he frets it. I've come across tough chords like this too that seem really hard at first but playing it over and over again really helps.
From this Youtube video it kind of looks like he uses the fingering I proposed.
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Thanks for the tips!!! copperwreck- the video definitely clears it up for me, new shape seems to work much better especially given the context of the next chord shape they move to. My fingers still need to get more buff though!!
Right now "The Royal Scam" and "Black Future"
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I'll not get into what fingerings to use, but I shall try and be brief by adding what I tell everyone who finds themselves troubled by fingerings like these, which aren't actually requiring any stretching. Place your pinky first. Many, as in 80% of the guitarists I see play from their index fingers, when it comes to fretting notes. It's not so much that one works better than the other, there are valid arguments for either side, but if you encounter something like this, which you should be easily able of playing physically speaking, a different technical approach to it can do wonders.

So try playing it from your pinky-finger. It feels awkward at first, as it's the weakest finger, but by stretching away from your pinky with your other fingers, you're actually supporting the weakest finger by making it do the least amount of work (stretching, which in turn requires more strength from it as well, which it doesn't have and never will in comparison to the other fingers). Whichever fingering you use, put the weakest fingers down first and stretch away from those with the other fingers. If this does not work, look at your thumb and drop that lower behind the neck as it'll free up room from your hand and allows your fingers to bend further around the fretboard.

Good luck
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Never heard this advice before, makes complete sense though!! I will get to work on it, may take me a while to get used to however. Thanks for being specific and its always great to hear relatively new approach to a problem.
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You need to make sure your thumb is low in the back of the neck and your palm isn't touching the guitar like you would on a regular open chord like a G or D. It's the only way to open up your fingers and let them stretch. if any of your fingers are touching or leaning on each other while you play it, you're not going to get it. You need to utilize the space between your fingers
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