Moderator elections on Ultimate Guitar Forum!

Do you want to make some changes we believe in? Do you really love UG and want to make it better? Then this is your chance. It’s time for the semi-annual moderator elections!

Each (almost) subforum will get a new moderator and you decide who it’s going to be.

The elections have 3 stages.

1) Nominations
Here are some hints for you on how to make a first step to becoming a moderator.
- Candidates who want to participate in elections must nominate themselves in corresponding threads.
- Candidates must nominate themselves in one subthread only.
- Candidates must nominate themselves within two days starting today (apply till 10.07).

2) Campaign.
You'll have to persuade users, why you're the one who deserves to be a moderator. You're free to promise profound advice and help to inexperienced users, or just things like fun monthly activities and crazy wallpapers. Users can ask you questions about your opinion on controversial subjects etc. The campaign will last for 7 days.

3) Election day!
Each subforum will get a voting poll.

Winners get a moderator status, glory, respect, love, and help from UG in organizing special events.

Basic eligibility for running:
- Account must be more than three months old
- Must have more than 180 posts
- Applicants must have a clear record for the last three months (no warnings or bans).

So you better get your slogans and promises ready
Good luck!

Here's the list of current candidates - and their campaigns:

UPDATE: So it's time to vote! Go to the link and choose a new moderator here!
Throw my name on the poll. Unless you won't have me since I want to moderate the pit mainly, but this position looks pretty vacant. I don't even know if the pit is eligible.

I've released 3 albums this year, while putting out nearly 50 tracks.

Here's the newest thing I made with a friend (be it unfinished) :

While I haven't been able to record acoustic instruments in a recording environment, I know a lot about it in theory. From watching channels such as SMG. I also know a lot about field recording, sound fx, post production, and have internet friends I keep in touch with for advice who are actual sound engineers.

I also made the only tuned airhorn kontakt library (any library or vst for that matter) which sounds stupid, it is, but there's youtube airhorn remixes with millions of views.

I'd think the other mods and most forum users here would be better experienced then me, but there's niches, especially with electronic music and digital production, I can fill better than most anyone.

^made a thread to announce his candidacy so you don't miss it, doesn't seem overly involved in the ug community, at least not in the profile/formal site contributions, but seems qualified enough, and has really good recordings with a full band.
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yeah I 'll put up my hand

done abit of work in recording I'm no sound engineer but been a professional 3D artist all my life.
my personal guitar songwriting and recording work is in my sig I'm still learning

oh there is no wrong in creating Art there's just personal ways of doing it,. you don;t need money you need talent and inspiration
Quote by T4D
yeah I 'll put up my hand

done abit of work in recording I'm no sound engineer but been a professional 3D artist all my life.
my personal guitar songwriting and recording work is in my sig I'm still learning

oh there is no wrong in creating Art there's just personal ways of doing it,. you don;t need money you need talent and inspiration

I'm fully prepared to debate on how people are doing it wrong, if it can be called art, and if/how their cheap gear is holding them back.

Everyone's right, everything is art kind of devalues the whole thing. Then again music created with "cookie cutter" methods entirely can sound fake and robotic, I know artists who use methods that pump out full compositions in a matter of minutes/hours of sitting down. They may not come off that badly to people who follow them, but people familiar the genre, software, and similar methods can tell how little effort went into the sound design and composition.

Expensive gear also isn't for every genre, but it's in the best interest of every genre not to give me a headache over quality.

I do also understand under unique circumstances, not following any template or proven method can lead to interesting results with the right and talented musicians, but it's not often creating that kind of experimental music is marketable. But if you're in it to create art, and that's it, then my opinion is moot anyway. If you're not looking to get better in a marketable or objective way, there's little advice to give.

I do agree with you on software wars, most every Digital Audio Workstation is just as capable as the next, some can just perform certain tasks more efficiently than others. I will shill fl studio for purely electronic composition, production, post production, and midi editing. It's by far the most accessible given the amount of tutorials on it, and the user base, plus the demo's full and free, you just can't save project files. Can't argue with the accessibility, but I know it's not for everyone.

I'm not going to beat down on the quality of recording some kids have or hobbyists, but I could if they wanted serious and honest critique. My first band in 2006, we recorded on a 15 dollar mic, right after I explained to them how to play their parts and the songs structure and rehearsed it two or three times. All in one track. Still got kids in our high school to think we were cool.
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stratkat this is all abit of fun so let not get worked up OK

but i have to and in this post only reply to your first statement

"I'm fully prepared to debate on how people are doing it wrong, if it can be called art, and if/how their cheap gear is holding them back. "

Note documentary "It Might Get Loud" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1229360/
at the start of the movie Jack White wraps some copper wire around a magnet on a chuck on wood and throws a string on it and plays a tune.

I like the White Strips but I'm not really a fan of Jacks guitar tone and for that matter his singing style..but his music is top shelf I have paid money to buy his albums and enjoy his music and he has made more money from music than any on the UG forums.

Hey the Beatles done it all with 4 tracks, some songs only need 3 chords ,. sorry but this is where I come from.

I am lucky enough to say I have some cool gear but saying a Line 6 Spider amp has shit tone,.. may be cool if your a sound engineer with your posse, but if you write, play AND record an excellent song,. to me you have a far more valuable opinion than a dude saying he has a Axe FX or Kemper amp in his Signature with no links to any music he has recorded.

an artist is only as good as his last creation.

and to add to this statement a successful artist is someone who has completed a project, finished a vision, learn something and wants to do better next time. not wait for a new computer, Guitar or Amp or DAW or Software OR Plugin to complete ( or start working on ) their Artist Creation.

so many people sit on the sidelines yelling how your doing it wrong when they have never done it themselves. ( especially on the internet )

Record your music and then Record MORE music !!! that is how you get better Not getting pissed off you don;t own or have money for an AXE FX or Kemper or a Fender USA strat and a Meas Boogie. because your favourite artist has _________ piece of Gear. this should never stop you from recording more music.
Here's my official entry:

Howdy from Texas!

Started audio recording on analog reel to rell, then moved slowly to digital in the dawn of the computer revolution, first on ADAT digital (Alesis, DAT, Tascam).
Since no one in local studios could visualize what our band was hearing in its head, I also moved to audio production, read up a bunch, took a few audio recording courses, built a few recording machines with a friend in the dawn on computers (M-Audio Delta 1010 on Windows 98, dual 450Mhz Pentium II server board...with 512mbs or RAM...woohoo!) . Over time even had a full time job as audio engineer for a few years, running Pro Tools on the big Mac towers, moved to Mac for the home studio for a while, then switched back to Windows.

I've built numerous Windows machines, now Windows 7, 8 and 10 but have some Mac knowledge as well.

On the software side - I've pretty much worked with them all, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Mixcraft, Studio One, Digital Performer, Ableton, Audacity, Reaper, Tracktion, N-Track, Nuendo, Sonar, Acid, Adobe Audition, T-Racks, etc...Currently I am running Studio One as my main DAW, but still have some projects in Sonar and Cubase that I am slowly migrating/remixing, as well as collaborating with a buddy on Mixcraft 5 since that is what he uses.

I use some digital and analog modeling software as well, currently EZDrummer and Amplitube as my main ones but am pretty much familiar with most of the packages on the market (Stephen Slate Drums, BFD, Battery, Ocean Way Drums, etc.) as well as some open source solutions like Hydrogen.

Not too crazy on synths but have used a few so maybe I can help on there as well. I've worked with NI's and IK's products for the most part.

Hardware: installed and built numerous machines, firewire, USB, PCI, PCIe, Thunderbotl, etc.

I arrived at UG in 2005 after a friend suggested it and have been active ever since. I used to run several recording forums on the web over the years, was very active on Guitar World's forum and even had my own gear page on a similar to UG platform to which most of the GuitarWorld forum gravitated after they closed their own forum. I successfully transitioned that page to Facebook and ran it on there for a few years as well. I am a straight shooter and sometimes that might've rubbed some people the wrong way, especially some older grizzled veterans on here, but I believe we've settled our differences and have grown as a community since then.

Finally, you can just read my contribution to the Recording forum and I guess that will be the best way to find out whether I can do a good job.

Good luck to all the candidates!
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I'm not worked up, I just have a lot of energy over good news. Sorry if I came off as aggressive/on complete opposition. I agree to some extent with some things.

A 4 track and 3 chords does work to commercial quality for some genres if that roughness is desired, it doesn't work with offensively bad quality, say that cell phones used to have. I don't mind any of jack white's recording's or tones honestly, he is one of the musicians who's more of an 'artist,' but he's got plenty of selection when he goes to lay down tracks. I listen to a very wide variety, from gothic country to folk punk, every bit of electronica to deathcore, and everything inbetween.

Certain genre's impose a higher demand for near perfection from artists/recording engineers.

I agree with the people on the sidelines having a lot to say with little experience, I've never been in a formal professional studio beyond some expensive speakers and mixboards in bedrooms.

I do however have 13 albums released, 3 of which came out in 2016, two fully distributed and one went to physical printing and had one pressing.

Money's the least important unless you're recording an album you plan on marketing, but recording's that aren't up to snuff/polished can easily cause people to overlook you.

But for example on how it can help, I recently went to produce in my friends studio, he had updated software, double my synths, krk monitors, better acoustics, and we collabed, from a composing standpoint, it was pretty up there on par with my best songs, but on a production standpoint, it was on a whole 'nother level. First time I thought, I could pass this off as professional work to other professionals and felt confident about it.
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stratkat LOL no no I said don;t get worked up because what i was about to post not what you posted =)

i was trying to make sure you didn't read my post as being aggressive/on complete opposition. LOL =)

the internet where misunderstand text happens everyday =)

I do agree with "you get what you pay for " in relation ot recording but this is UG recording forum not Gearsluts and this is HOME recording if your in a studio again best chat over a gearsluts

talking about $3000 mic preamps or the need for a SM7B is way over the top when the reality is anyone here recording will not make a Dollar from what they record.

i feel the aim here is to get people recording songs no matter what , if they like it then they will buy better gear
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UPDATE: Voting day will be on Oct 13-Oct 14 (two days), so if you're already a candidate, keep promoting yourself and your own campaign (all candidates are mayors in their own campaign threads since now, so feel free to customize your threads as you want ) - show us that you're the best one!
If you haven't nominated yourself, you still can do it - just send a direct message to N-D about it.

So have fun - will waiting for the voting day!

Reg. Moderator elections on Ultimate Guitar Forum

Hello, I'm a bit unclear about the specifics of this election. Is this election about "all" forums, including the secret "Mod" forum? I don't believe all the forums are necessarily created equal in their intent and purpose. Many of the forums are, by design, irreverent and made for banter, good humor and sport. That is how it should be and should be encouraged. Other forums, notable the secret "Mods" forum are designed for more serious discussions about UG direction. The fundamental topics of the forums could be significantly different from each other, requiring different temperament, backgrounds and skill sets.

The only forum that I would personally be concerned about is the secret "Mods" forum. Regarding "that" forum, I would hope that the prerequisites for that position would be a fundamentally good understanding of the guitar and guitar music, a demonstration of having the ability to design and post quality tabs and of course, the physical ability to devote a significant amount of time and energy to the task. I would also think it would be helpful that any mod for this forum would be able to demonstrate the ability to objectively and subjectively balance different generational differences. UG should, and in fact, does represent so many different forms of music viewed by many different age groups. Any moderator for this forum would need to (admittedly a difficult and thankless task) bridge music and age divides. Temperament would, of course, be extremely important. Music tends to bring out the passions in people. As we have seen on the forums over the years, sometimes those passions can cross the line of propriety. In order for a moderator in this forum to be effective, anyone taking that position would need to "try" to be as impartial as possible. Again, that is not an easy task, by any means. A certain level of maturity is undoubtedly required to keep order and allow the forum to be successful. If the forum breaks down along partisan acrimony the people who the forum most needs will drop out. Lastly, any forum moderator for the forum I am referring to would need to demonstrate a level of understanding about what the UG goals are. UG wants, I believe and very broadly speaking, to improve its web site for the purpose of attracting as many new visitors as possible, and, at the same time, retaining the older members. UG has already demonstrated that they have good ideas and I believe that are searching for even more good ideas to keep the site dynamic.

Given the difficulty of the position I would suggest that UG be "intimately" involved in the selection process.
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Pencom Hello, Pencom! You're absolutely right - thanks for your interest!

Regarding the Secret Forum - elections are held only in 8 subforums - here's the list:

1. Bands & Artists
2. Recording
3. Musician Talk
4. Guitar Techniques
5. Acoustic & Classical Guitar
6. Electric Guitar
7. Guitar Gear & Accessories
8. The Pit

Thank you. Could you be a bit more "specific" about what I'm right about, regarding the secret mod forum. Thank you

I mean that we don't choose moderators for the "Secret Forum" this time But you're right that if we choose the moderator, he must will match all the requirements that you have described. Maybe we'll organize election for "Secret Forum" next time
Anyway - thank you again!
So it's time to vote! Go to the link and choose a new moderator here!