This website only has the chords/tabs to like 3 Johnny Rebel songs. Would any fans of him be willing to figure out more?

I know you need to have a certain taste to appreciate Johnny Rebel but if you love prejudiced music or even just a good laugh he's your guy. Some of the songs that would be awesome to have the chords/tabs for are......

1. Ship those n***ers back

2. Who likes a n***er?

3. Alabama n***er

4. Looking for a handout

There's others but those 4 are probably my favorites. "It's the attitude, stupid" is pretty good, too. Hopefully my request won't trigger the politically correct and any help in this matter would be quite appreciated. Thanks!
NeoMvsEu You don't speak for everyone. Do you condone free speech? He already has tabs on this website so get over it and yourself.

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This site is a private entity and does not bow down to free speech.
NeoMvsEuAhhhhh, awesome. Another Marxist cuck. You would have loved communist Russia. Report it or whatever. Be a loser who is afraid of offending people, free speech and conflict. Nobody will ever remember you if that's the path that pulls you. But for the current moment, replies for people who actually want to be helpful in regards to my request. Thank you. You're pretty un-rock n roll.