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Yeah I 'll put up my hand for Recording Subforum moderator

done abit of work in recording at home also been in afew studios in my younger days, but after doing my day job for 20 or so years (3D artist)
I'm spending alot of time recording and playing with this recording stuff But hey I'm no sound engineer

my personal guitar,singing,songwriting and recording work is in my sig I'm still learning

How would run things ?

There is no wrong in creating Art, there's just personal ways of doing it,. I love to hear how other people find ways of doing things

You don;t need money you need talent and inspiration,

I HATE software wars and Hardware wars Reaper is just as good as Protools HD in the hands of a talent hard working artist who knows what they want

got a Different opinion of what has been posted by another user GREAT but back it up with links to the facts or you just look like a tool after the second post.

this is NOT gear sluts if your a "professional sound engineer/apprentice/intern/know a guy down teh road who knows his shit dude!! ,.OK Cool go over to Gearsluts and big note yourself there with the real big boy of sound engineering . But if your here so be helpful.

no personal attacks this is about artists creating art.

Newbies welcome.
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